The StrimLIGHT smart LED bulb offers more than crisp illumination — it has an in-built speaker for streaming music via Bluetooth. You can add the light to your sweet setup now for $30 shipped via 9to5Toys Specials.

The StrimLIGHT is compatible with any regular lighting socket, and the LED bulb provides bright, energy-efficient lighting. To start streaming music, you simply pair the light with your phone or any other Bluetooth device. You can then control playback from your device, or use the supplied remote control, which also lets you toggle the light. In use, it is great for listening to soothing sounds via your desk lamp, or starting the party in the kitchen.

The bulb comes in two versions: the 3-watt bulb currently has 62% off, while the 8-watt model has 65% off ($35). In both cases, shipping is free.

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