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January 21

Get the GAMECASE Retro Console Portable Power Bank for $30

The original Super Mario Bros. and Pacman games might be 35 years old, but they still offer unbeatable fun. GAMECASE is a portable console that comes pre-loaded with 416 classics like these, and it doubles as a power bank. You can get yours now for $29.99 (Orig. $299) at 9to5Toys Specials.

January 16

expiredThis case turns your iPhone into a retro handheld console for just $19

Many modern games are good for wasting a few minutes. But classic titles can make the hours fly. With the CaseBoy™ Gamecase Retro Gaming Case, you can enjoy 36 all-time greats wherever you go. This awesome iPhone accessory is now only $18.99 (Orig. $200) at 9to5Toys Specials.

expiredGrab Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Platinum Edition on PC for $48 (Orig. $120)

When it comes to strategy games, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is one of the greatest of all time. With the Platinum Edition, you get the full game on PC, plus six DLC packs and two expansions. You can grab this bundle now for only $47.75 (Orig. $119.19) at 9to5Toys Specials.

January 14

expiredStay always charged with this Portable Apple Watch Charger for $17 (Orig. $30)

USB power banks are great for keeping your phone alive. But what happens when your smartwatch runs out of power? With the Portable Keychain Apple Watch Charger, you will always have a wireless charging point. This tiny adapter is now $16.99 (Orig. $30) at 9to5Toys Specials.

January 10

expiredBecome less stressed this year with top-rated meditation app Aura for $40 (Orig. $95)

If your resolution is to make this year less stressful, you might want to try Aura. This top-rated meditation app helps you unwind in just three minutes thanks to groundbreaking AI technology. Right now, you can get a year Aura premium subscription for only $39.99 (Orig. $94.99) at 9to5Toys Specials.

expiredQuickly absorb book summaries with 12min Micro Books for $19

Finding time for reading in a busy schedule can seem almost impossible. But with the 12min Micro Book Library, you can complete condensed versions of great nonfiction reads in minutes. Get a year subscription to 12min for just $19 (Orig. $69.30) at 9to5Toys Specials.

expiredLearn to create graphic art with this Clip Studio DEBUT bundle for $25

Whether you want to become a freelance illustrator or simply bring your ideas to life, The Creativity Bundle Ft. Clip Studio DEBUT is worth your attention. It contains the graphic software, Clip Studio Paint DEBUT, along with hundreds of assets and two hours of training. You can get the bundle now for only $25 (Orig. $179.95) at 9to5Toys Specials.

January 6

expiredEdit and convert PDFs with award-winning Mac app, PDF Expert, for $30 (Orig. $80)

PDFs have become the go-to file type when sharing a large files comprised of text and images. However, PDFs are also a nightmare to fix small overlooked spelling, grammar, and image mistakes. PDF Expert for Mac makes it easy to quickly edit and even convert PDF files. Grab this Mac App Store award-winner for $29.99 (Orig. $79.99) via 9to5Toys Specials.

December 31, 2019

expiredFind data on real estate investment properties with Mashvisor, starting at $31

One of the best ways to make passive income is by renting out real estate. Finding good investments can be hard work, but Mashvisor uses nationwide data to help you unearth the most lucrative properties. You can get lifetime access now with the Basic Plan for $31.20 via 9to5Toys Specials with promo code: 20SAVE20.

December 30, 2019

expiredEnjoy hi-fi lossless music on the move with the AP80 Player, now $125

Although streaming music is convenient, you burn through data quickly and most services offer disappointing quality. With the AP80 Portable Music Player, you can enjoy your entire music collection on the go with premium audio. You can grab one now for $125.10 (Orig. $139) at 9to5Toys Specials.

expiredGet better gut health with the TURBO Toilet Stool, two-pack now $51 (Orig. $100)

In recent years, studies have found that sitting upright on the toilet is not good for your insides. The TURBO Bathroom Toilet Stool fixes this problem by raising your feet, helping to promote a better posture. You can get a two-pack now for only $51 (Orig. $100) at 9to5Toys Specials with promo code: HAPPYHOLIDAYS.

December 20, 2019

expiredSave $50 when you buy $150 of premium global vino from Wine Access

There are many wines in the world, each with a distinctive taste and backstory. If you want to explore a wide variety of flavors, Wine Access can help. This online platform offers expert guidance, helping you discover some of the best wines around. Better still, you save $50 on your first purchase of $150 or more.

December 19, 2019

expiredTake better screenshots and recordings on your Mac with CleanShot, now $10.50 (Orig. $19)

When you are sharing a design or creating a tutorial, desktop clutter and personal information can be a problem. CleanShot for Mac makes it easy to remove the background junk and blur sensitive data. You can get it now for $10.63 (Orig. $19) via 9to5Toys Specials with promo code: MERRYSAVE15.

expiredTest if your eyesight is worsening with EyeQue VisionCheck for $51 (Orig. $69)

Getting your eyes tested usually takes time and money. But with the EyeQue VisionCheck, you can check your vision at home. This gadget even lets you order new glasses via your smartphone. This CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree is now only $51 (Orig. $69) at 9to5Toys Specials with promo code: MERRYSAVE15.

December 17, 2019

expiredBack up your notes to the cloud with reusable smart notebook, now $24 (Orig. $36)

For quick note-taking and sketching out ideas, paper still beats pixels. With the Rocketbook Wave Executive Smart Notebook you can back up your written notes to the cloud, erase the pages, and start again. You can grab one now for just $23.80 (Orig. $35.99) at 9to5Toys Specials with promo code: MERRYSAVE15.

December 13, 2019

expiredGet royalty free music for your videos and podcasts with Music Sesame for $24.50 (Orig $69)

Adding music to videos and podcasts is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Music Sesame offers a huge library of high-quality stock music on a royalty-free license. You can currently get unlimited lifetime access for only $24.65 (Orig. $69) at 9to5Toys Specials with promo code “MERRYSAVE15” at checkout.

expiredSay goodbye to smudges with the Smartclean Eyeglasses Cleaner, $60 (Orig. $88)

Using a cleaning cloth to remove dirt and fingerprints on your eyeglasses usually leaves smudges. In contrast, the Smartclean Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner Vision.7 soaks away the dirt in five minutes using tap water. You can get this innovative device now for $59.50 (Orig. $88) at 9to5Toys Specials with promo code “MERRYSAVE15” at checkout.

December 11, 2019

expiredCapture your screen and edit the video with HyperCam 5, now $16 (Orig. $40)

From gaming highlights to Skype interviews, there are many reasons to record a screencast. HyperCam 5: Home Edition helps you capture content with ease, edit the recording, and share the final video online. This Windows software is currently $15.96 (Orig. $39.95) at 9to5Toys Specials with promo code “GREENMONDAY20” at checkout.

expiredCapture the color of any surface with the Nix Mini, now $67 (Orig. $99)

From websites and apps to home decor, most design projects are based around colors. When you stumble upon the perfect hue, the Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 will help you capture that particular shade and find a matching paint. The sensor is now just $67.20 (Orig. $99) at 9to5Toys Specials with promo code “GREENMONDAY20” at checkout.

November 29, 2019

expiredBe more productive with the DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor for $179 (Orig. $249)

Working on a laptop is fine most of the time. But when you need to multitask, the Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor can provide much needed screen space. This lightweight display clips on to your laptop and works as a second screen. You can get it now for $179.35 (Orig. $249) at 9to5Toys Specials with promo code: SAVEDUEXPRO.

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