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November 17

This Huge Microsoft Excel Learning Bundle Is Just $25 in the Doorbusters Sale

You can’t go far in business or finance without using Microsoft Excel. This powerful software can seem overwhelming at first, but the eLearnExcel Microsoft Excel School helps you master the workflow. Right now, you can get all eight courses and 280+ video tutorials for $25 (Orig. $999) in the Doorbusters Sale at 9to5Toys Specials.

November 16

Save 70% on Disk Drill PRO, the Top Data Recovery App for Mac: $30 (Orig. $118)

Ever accidentally deleted a super-important work document? How about precious family photos? At least with Disk Drill PRO, your files are safe. This powerful data recovery app lets you instantly restore files from any computer, and even your phone. Right now, you can get a lifetime license for $29.75 on Mac (Orig. $118) via 9to5Toys Specials with coupon code GIFTSHOP15.

November 15

The Tiny Sphereo X2 Bluetooth Speakers Pack a Powerful Aural Punch: $30 (Orig. $50)

Downsizing on your speakers doesn’t mean you have to compromise on sound. The Sphereo X2 Bluetooth Speakers are tiny, but they work together to deliver powerful surround sound. This pocket-size pair is now just $29.99 (Orig. $50) in the Doorbusters Sale at 9to5Toys Specials.

November 14

The Ultraloq Smart Lock Puts Fingerprint Security on Your Front Door: $144 (Orig. $320)

Still carrying keys? That’s so 2016. The Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth Smart Lock attaches to your front door and provides instant fingerprint security. You can also use the touchscreen keypad, or gain entry via your smartphone. And yes, you can even use the backup mechanical keys. Right now, the Ultraloq is $143.64 (Orig. $320) at 9to5Toys Specials with coupon code: GIFTSHOP15.

November 13

Black Friday might be a week away, but the price drops are just starting. With the Black Friday Mac Bundle, you can get PDF Expert, Roxio Toast Titanium and six more great apps for just $30 (Orig. $493) at 9to5Toys Specials using exclusive coupon code BFMAC9. That’s less than the price of any one of these apps, some by more than a magnitude of 3…

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Experience True Wireless Sound with the TREBLAB X11 Earphones: $37 (Orig. $200)

Is your music tying you down? Wireless audio is really worth investing in, and the TREBLAB X11 earphones are leading the pack. These tangle-free buds offer noise-cancellation technology and six hours of battery life. You can grab them now in the 9to5Toys Specials doorbusters sale for just $36.99 (Orig. $200).

November 10

Monitor Your Network and Protect Your PCs from Viruses with GlassWire Pro: $25 (Orig. $99)

Anti-virus software is pretty essential, but it doesn’t catch every threat. GlassWire Pro is an advanced firewall app that allows you to spot viruses and monitor your network. You can currently get the app for $24.65 (Orig. $99) with lifetime updates via 9to5Toys Specials with coupon code GIFTSHOP15.

PDFpen 9 Is the Easy Way to Edit, Merge and Mark Up Your PDFs on Mac for $31

PDF files are great for sharing, but difficult to work with. That changes with PDFpen 9 for Mac, which lets you add text and images, annotate documents, sign forms, and much more. You can currently grab the app for just $31.45 (Orig. $75) at 9to5Toys Specials with coupon code GIFTSHOP15— that’s half off.

November 9

Make Movies More Immersive with the Beautiful DreamScreen HD Backlighting Kit for $155

Watching movies on a huge cinema screen makes you feel part of the action. Now, you can enjoy the same experience at home with the DreamScreen HD Backlighting Kit. By mimicking the on-screen colors, these lights make your TV seem that much bigger. You can grab them now for $154.99 via 9to5Toys Specials.

November 8

Get Lifetime Automated Backup and Instant Streaming with Zoolz Intelligent Cloud: $43 (Orig. $480)

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud offers 100GB of space for automatic backups. You can also search through your files, stream HD videos on any device, and restore any file in seconds. Order now to get lifetime coverage for $42.50 (Orig. $480) via 9to5Toys Specials with coupon code GIFTSHOP15.

uBar 4 Is an Awesome Replacement for the macOS Dock: $15 (Orig. $30)

Contrary to popular belief, Macs are customizable with the right tools. uBar 4 replaces the original dock with a feature-packed toolbar. This neat utility is used by Facebook and Google employees, and it’s now just $14.99 (Orig. $30) at 9to5Toys Specials.

November 7

Shred on the Move and Learn to Play with the Jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar: $238 (Orig. $300)

Ever find yourself playing air guitar in public? Instead of playing an imaginary axe, you could be riffing with the Jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar. This portable instrument is perfect for beginners and rockstars alike — and it’s now just $238 (Orig. $300) at 9to5Toys Specials with the use of coupon code GIFTSHOP15.

Love With Food Delivers Delicious Healthy Snacks to Your Door: 3-Month Subscription $20 (Orig. $51)

When you’re trying to lose weight or just eat better, snacks can be a sticking point. Love With Food solves this problem by delivering delicious healthy snacks to your door every month. You can sign up for three months of the Deluxe Box subscription now for just $19.55 (Orig. $51) via 9to5Toys Specials with coupon code–GIFTSHOP15.

November 6

Learn to Build Immersive Games from Scratch with the Complete VR Development Bundle for $29

Virtual reality is set to change gaming forever. If you want to create your own virtual worlds, the Complete VR Development Bundle offers 13 hours of essential training. You can currently grab all five courses for just $28.90 (Orig. $377) via 9to5Toys Specials with coupon code GIFTSHOP15.

Manage Your iOS Data on Mac and Windows with iMazing 2 for $21

Apple has never made it easy to manage iOS data from your computer. Thankfully, iMazing 2 is here to help. This app lets you browse your iOS device and easily transfer files from any Mac or PC. You can get iMazing 2 now for just $21.25 (Orig. $80) on a universal license via 9to5Toys Specials with the use of coupon code GIFTSHOP15.

November 3

Build Your Own Drone or RC Car with this Awesome Force Flyers Kit: $33 (Orig. $50)

Building something yourself is always more satisfying than buying one off the shelf. With the Force Flyers DIY Fly ‘n Drive Drone, it’s also much cheaper. This fun kit lets you build one of two RC vehicles, and it’s currently just $33 (Orig. $50) at 9to5Toys Specials.

November 2

Pay What You Want for 40+ Hours of Adobe Creative Cloud Training (Orig. $384)

From graphic design to video editing, Adobe software is used throughout the creative industries. You can master every app with the Adobe CC Lifetime Mastery Bundle — nine courses and over 40 hours of video tutorials. Beat the average price and score the entire the training bundle (Orig. $384) at 9to5Toys Specials.

November 1

Learn to Automate Tasks in Excel with this VBA Course Bundle: $30 (Orig. $138)

Everything from keeping track of your personal expenses to building out complex financial models, understanding the ins and outs of Microsoft Excel is a must. The Microsoft VBA Bundle provides you with the skills to automate the sometimes manual tasks inundated with Excel, as well as manipulate large data sets. You can get access now for $30 (Orig. $138) via 9to5Toys Specials.

October 30

This 1080p Wi-Fi Action Cam Offers Incredible Quality on a Budget: $40 (Orig. $100)

Creating your own highlight reel is an essential part of any modern adventure. With the Activeon CX 1080p Wi-Fi Action Camera, you can capture stunning footage without breaking the bank. Right now, this impressive GoPro alternative is just $40 (Orig. $100) at 9to5Toys Specials.

October 27

Turn Any Surface into a Chalkboard with This Contact Paper Bundle: $16 (Orig. $26)

Ever wish you could just scribble on the nearest wall? Now you can, thanks to the Chalkboard Contact Paper Creativity Bundle. With self-adhesive chalkboard paper and a set of markers, it’s the ultimate way to upgrade your home. You can currently grab the bundle for $16 at 9to5Toys Specials with coupon code SAVE15.

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