Amazon is a go-to place for getting stocking stuffers, and Funko Pop’s are normally at the top of that list. Giving you a budget way to help the movie or game lover in your life express their fondness is what Funko does. The Pop toys normally range from $5-15, sometimes going up a little more depending on what one you get, but Amazon has several on sale right now.

Nomad Base Station

Most of the Funko Pops under $5 right now on Amazon aren’t extreme deals, only dropping a few bucks. But, we’ve gone through and picked out some of the more notable drops and our personal favorite characters. Some of the toys are “Add-On” items, meaning they have to be included in an order of $25 or more in order to be shipped, and ship free for Prime members.

Our Funko Pop Picks |

If you want to check out the full list of Funko Pops under $5 as most of these deals are, head on over to the Amazon page.

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