Hands-on: Bento Stack is a great organization tool for Apple accessories

Apple accessories, there are tons of them. You have Apple Watch bands, Apple Pencil, iPad chargers, iPhone and MacBook chargers, and more. Anytime you leave the house or go on vacation, if you’re anything like me, there’s a mad rush to make sure you don’t forget any cables to keep everything charged.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on vacation only to forget my Apple Watch charger, or even worse, my MacBook Pro charger. Even if you do remember to bring all of your cables along, they always get tangled, right? Well, Bento Stack has changed how I pack for trips and has become a must-have in my gear bag when leaving the house for more than a few hours.

Bento Stack is designed to hold any and all Apple accessories you might need while on a trip. Bento made every accommodation here to make sure all products you’d need fit, including storing things in the lid. I’ll be working from top to bottom here explaining what can be stored where.

Starting in the lid, there’s a false bottom where, when removed, an Apple Pencil fits perfectly. Unless you know the top comes off, you’d never think to take it apart, and it’s genius. This is a great spot to store a $100 stylus that could easily go missing or get broken if bent the wrong way.

Inside the top compartment, there are multiple dividers that let you create your own areas to store things. In the Bento Stack that I received, it was already filled with accessories that the company thinks most people would travel with. I changed the layout slightly to fit my newer accessories as I have a MacBook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar.

I stored my Lightning cable and USB-C charging cable for my MacBook Pro up here. Storing cables in the top compartment made it super easy to grab my stuff when I needed without diving too deep into the container.

When you remove the second layer, there’s even storage below that. In the removable storage container under this layer, there’s storage for two spare Apple Watch bands. This is great if you need to bring a formal band, Sport Band, and keep a third on your watch. Because of the built-in clips, you don’t have to worry about losing any bands here.

In the last compartment here, I kept my 87-watt USB-C charger for my MacBook, a 12-watt iPad charger, an Apple Watch charging cable, and the Lightning iPhone charger. This made it super easy for me to know exactly where my accessories were and not have any fear that they’d be tangled when I needed them.

If you look at the image above, you’ll see the side by side comparison of the pre-production model and the production model. In my production unit, I received an extra band for the outside of the Bento Stack as well as two magnetic cable ties. The magnetic cable ties added are a great addition.

To keep Bento Stack together, they include a large silicone band that stretches around the unit to hold it all securely in place. You can expand your Bento Stack as much, or keep it as slim as you want, depending what you need to keep with you.

Bento Stack is now fully funded on Indiegogo, but you can still back at discounted prices. Starting at $38, you can easily keep your Apple life organized. Backers are already receiving their Bento Stack orders from the campaign (mine arrived today). So, if you order now, you should be able to receive your unit in the not-too-distant future!

Bento Stack is a crowd-funded product that decided to send us a pre-production unit of its product, so our thoughts in this post are based on time with the pre-production unit. The full production unit varies slightly and is more refined  My opinions here are my own, and I personally backed Bento Stack before they ever reached out for us to go hands-on.

All images of the white Bento Stack are of the pre-production model, and the grey/black Bento Stack is a production model that I received from backing the Indiegogo campaign.

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