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Having a Bluetooth speaker along for an adventure is a great way to bring your favorite tunes with you. There are plenty of options out there, but the new $56 StormBox Micro from Tribit packs some powerful sound and handy features in its small, portable package. Check out the video below to see it in action. expand full story

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While Anker is most often known for its affordable smartphone accessories, occasionally it will depart from the usual with some higher-end offerings. We’ve loved their security cameras and projectors in the past, which can retail for as much as $500, but today’s review departs in a new way. Anker has introduced a $100 Special Edition USB-C to Lightning Cable, which packs one particularly notable feature. A 24K gold casing. In a world filled with low-cost cables, this limited edition goes high-end with an extra sleek design. Down below you’ll find details on availability and how you can bring one of these gold-laden cables home.

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There’s no denying that once you start going down the rabbit hole of mechanical keyboards, there’s a good chance you’ll want to customize or build one of your own. Building a custom keyboard can be expensive and time-consuming, but some boards are making that easier with hot-swappable switches. The GMMK or Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboards from Glorious PC Gaming Race is an easy way to get started with modding a mechanical keyboard. Today we’re taking a look at the GMMK Compact pre-built variant, a 61 key layout that came with Gateron Brown switches pre-installed. Head below to see and hear it in action. expand full story

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If you’re a competitive player on Xbox One, one way to add some more capabilities to your controller is by picking one up with swappable components. Microsoft has its own awesome version with the Elite Series 2, but if you don’t want to drop $180 on a controller, the feature-packed Fusion Pro from PowerA is worth a look at just $80. Head below to watch the video and see it in action. expand full story

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While the might be overlooked often, having a mousepad that fits your playstyle can be very beneficial. We recently featured an overside mousepad from Glorious PC Gaming in our favorite WFH accessories, but today Razer has announced its latest cloth and rubber creation, the Gigantus V2. With sizes ranging from M to the desk-sized 3XL, there’s sure to be a size that fits your playstyle and setup. Head below to see them in action. expand full story

Reviews Stories May 25

We’ve partnered with Sennheiser to give away one of their wired gaming headsets, the GSP 300. Unlike the GSP 370 and 670 we’ve reviewed in the past, the 300 is the entry-level from Sennheiser and features a wired design that can be used with many devices. The headset is normally priced at $100 but is also on sale through the end of the month for just $70 on their website. Head below to check out the video and see the giveaway details. expand full story

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