Apple is now offering certified refurbished Apple TV 4K with prices starting at $149. Both the 32GB and 64GB models are available for 15% off.

We’ve seen prices on Apple TV 4K this low before, but only for a limited time and not directly from Apple.

Brand new, Apple TV 4K goes for $179 and $199 for the 32GB and 64 GB models respectively. With Apple’s new offering of certified refurbished models, customers can make the upgrade to Apple’s popular 4K set top box for the same price as the fourth-gen Apple TV (not 4K).

Apple TV 4K 32GB is going for $149, with the 64GB version priced at $169. All certified refurbished products from Apple include its standard one-year warranty. Keep in mind that refurbished stock is often limited and can go quickly.

Apple also just recently made its iPhone 7/7 Plus available on its refurbished site with savings at about 10%.

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