Microsoft has a pair of notable freebies this month for Xbox Live Gold members. First up, for Xbox One, you can grab Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India until March 15th for nothing, down from its usual $10 or so. Xbox 360 users can grab the regular $10 Crazy Taxi for free as well until the 28th.

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We also have loads of Xbox One X offers running right now, as well as a host of notable game deals.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India:

Embody Arbaaz in his quest for retribution through a colourful depiction of 19th century Colonial India in 2.5D stealth gameplay.

• Travel across an amazing 19th-century India and its legendary landmarks

Discover an exquisite depiction of Colonial India thanks to a palette of vibrant colours. Zip-line across the streets of Amritsar, hide in the shadows of the palace, and hunt legendary artifacts, following in the footsteps of Alexander the Great.

• Experience the thrill of being a stealthy assassin

As a smart and charming Assassin, use new subterfuges to disguise and to loot. Discover all-new Assassin’s gear such as the talwar (curved sword) and chakram (circular throwing weapon) to deal great damage and interact with the environment.

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