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NookDesk reinvents the standing desk with upper & lower storage compartments

Recently, it was reported that everyone in Apple Park will receive standing desks because “sitting is the new cancer.” I started using a standing desk recently, and though I don’t use it quite enough, I still love the fact I can go from sitting to standing with no issue.

I use an UpDesk daily, and while designed very minimally, there are some things I’d like to see added to it. NookDesk is a newcomer to the standing desk game with its latest product that includes a triple-level workspace, multiple desktop materials, add-ons like USB ports, and more.

NookDesk is really unique in its desktop design. I love that it has a built-in nook above the keyboard workspace giving you a better area to store necessities like cables and chargers.

The little nook above the keyboard area is also great for giving you an elevated monitor. Part of doing a standing desk is working on the ergonomics of your entire workstation, monitor height included.

The best height for a monitor, studies say, is right at eye level. Normal monitors aren’t height adjustable so you have to put it on its own stand or get a monitor mount to fix how tall it is. With NookDesk, it’s built into the desk without issues.

There are three different materials you can choose from: laminate, rubberwood, genuine bamboo. Color-wise, there are finishes like driftwood, elm, barnwood, and more.

When it comes to accessorizing the options are endless. NookDesk offers things like the Freeport PowerDock, which gives you 8 surge-protected AC outlets and 4 USB outlets to keep power on your desk neat and tidy.

NookDesk can lift up to 250 pounds, which is far greater than most people will ever have on their desk, even including desktops and computers.

The sit-to-stand technology can give you 200 different positions and moves at a rate of 1.5-inches per second. When you configure your desk, you can choose between a standard controller which just goes up and down or a programmable one that features four memory buttons so you can change the desk to a pre-determined height with a single touch.

NookDesk starts at $499 but goes up depending on whether you add upper and lower storage, change the desk material, add the programmable controller, and other fully customizable options.

Regardless of the intended use, NookDesk is fully customizable, so you can easily make sure it matches any decor.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

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