Monoprice is currently taking up to 20% off a selection of its smart home accessories starting at $17 shipped. There’s a wide range of deals in today’s sale, including discounted Z-Wave, Stitch and other devices. One standout for us is Monoprice’s Z-Wave Plus Door and Window Sensor at $19.99. That’s $5 off the going rate, matches our previous mention and is the best available. Whether you’re looking to automate your home, or want added peace of mind, this option is a great way to integrate a door into your smart home. Rated 3.9/5 stars. Shop the entire sale of best Z-Wave accessory deals right here or head below for more top picks.

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Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Door Sensor features:

This Z-Wave Plus® Door/Window Sensor mounts to a door or window, detects when it is opened or closed, and sends a Z-Wave trigger signal to the network. It also has a tamper-proof switch, which will trigger a Z-Wave signal when the sensor’s cover is removed. These trigger signals can be used to activate various other devices and perform preprogrammed tasks. When the sensor is included into a secured Z-Wave network, all communications will be encrypted using AES encryption.

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