Logitech MX mice compared: Anywhere 2s, Master 2s, Vertical, ERGO

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If you’ve ever looked at Logitech’s MX lineup of mice, you’ve likely wondered what the major difference was. Would you like the MX Anywhere, MX Master, or even the new MX Vertical and MX ERGO? Also, there’s the regular MX Anywhere/Master and now an MX Anywhere/Master 2S, so what’s the difference? Keep reading for our full breakdown.

Logitech MX mice compared

MX Anywhere & Anywhere 2S

The original MX Anywhere was a fantastic portable mouse to use when on the go. It featured Logitech’s Unifying Receiver and offered one of the first hyper-fast scroll wheels. It’s still a great portable mouse option today, especially at $37 on Amazon, but upgrading to the MX Anywhere 2S is a great choice.

The MX Anywhere 2S offers several additional features. Where the original MX Anywhere was powered off of a changeable battery, the Anywhere 2S is rechargeable via USB. Logitech also upgraded the sensor to 4,000 DPI from 1,000 DPI to give you a much faster and smoother tracking experience. The battery life was also lengthened from 40 days to 70. While the original Anywhere required the Unifying Receiver, and the 2S now offers Bluetooth connectivity (and three different connected profiles). Plus, the MX Anywhere 2S also supports Logitech’s Flow software that allows you to use one mouse on multiple computers.

The MX Anywhere is $37 at Amazon and the MX Anywhere 2S is $53.

MX Master & Master 2S

The MX Master was my go-to Logitech mouse for quite a while. The three connection profiles and built-in Bluetooth made it a great choice when I was working at my desktop and on-the-go. Plus, with hardware upgrades from the MX Anywhere, the MX Master felt better in the hand and offered some unique benefits over its predecessors. It introduced more gesture controls, the hyper-fast scroll wheel got upgraded so it would automatically enter hyper-fast mode instead of having to be manually put into it, and it offered much more button customization

The MX Master 2S took what the MX Master had introduced and perfected it. Offering longer battery life, Logitech’s Flow software compatibility, and more refinement, it was a great update. The 2S also received the same 4,000 DPI upgrade and 70-day battery life like the MX Anywhere 2S above.

The MX Master is $57 at Amazon and the MX Master 2S is $72.

MX Vertical

The Logitech MX Vertical is my personal mouse of choice these days. I did a full review on it a few months ago at launch, and my thoughts haven’t changed. I still find it hard and odd to use other mice now. With the MX Vertical, you’re getting a completely different design of a mouse then you’re used to. It’s set on a 57-degree slope and is designed to be more ergonomic for long-term use.

Like the above devices, you’ll find three connection profiles on this mouse with Bluetooth or the Unifying Receiver. Unlike the above two mice, there is no hyper-fast scrolling, which was a bit of a letdown for me. You can still customize the gestures and buttons on the mouse, however, and it sports Logitech Flow too. Recharging is incredibly easy on this mouse, as Logitech finally adopted USB-C instead of the tried-and-true microUSB connection that the previous mice use.

The MX Vertical is $83 at Amazon.


If you’re a fan of the old-timey trackball mice, the MX ERGO is perfect for you. Though I never could quite get used to that style, many prefer it and that’s why Logitech has built a mouse to specifically cater to you. It features a large trackball on the side and is built to be stationary on your desk. There’s multi-device connectivity like the other mice, and it features up to 70 days of battery per charge. The scroll wheel doesn’t offer hyper-fast scrolling, however.

You can choose between a 0-20° tilt on the mouse to get the perfect angle for you. The trackball can even be customized to your content, allowing you to change the speed and accuracy and then switch between profiles with just the press of a button. The MX ERGO also features Logitech Flow should you need cross-computer connections.

The MX ERGO is $89 at Amazon.

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