Hands-on: LEGO’s new Razor Crest Microfighter offers plenty of value with a Mando minifig

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As the third and final LEGO Star Wars 2022 set for January, today we’re taking a hands-on look at the new Razor Crest Microfighter. Clocking in as the most affordable set from a galaxy far, far away released this winter, is the $10 creation worth adding to your collection in the first place? Head below for the full scoop.

Hands-on with the LEGO Razor Crest Microfighter

Fitting for its status as the smallest LEGO Star Wars set of the January 2022 wave, the new LEGO Razor Crest Microfighter arrives with just 98 pieces. The build is largely in tune with what we’ve seen from past installments in the long-running series of miniature starfighters – though not without some twists to the lineup. This marks the first vehicle from The Mandalorian, or any of the Disney+ series for that matter.

Even with such a limited number of pieces, the LEGO Group was able to pack in all of the essential elements that make the Razor Crest the Razor Crest. There’s most notably a pair of engines on either side of the main body, which is dominated by room to place in the pilot. You’re also getting a pair of the all-new stud-shooters on either side of the front, which are at least the same color as the surrounding bricks – so they won’t stick out too much to builders who aren’t big fans of the play feature.

Oh, and on that note, this set also has a unique addition in that the rear of the Razor Crest Microfighter has a miniature ramp that can fold up and down. We don’t really see these kinds of details on builds of this scale, so the designer behind this one certainly deserves some praise.

One area where the limited part count does begin to fall apart is accuracy. I don’t fault the set too much for this given the constraints, but the design isn’t as polished as we’ve seen from the lineup in the past. Part of that is likely due to the Razor Crest not being as iconic of a vehicle from the shape alone as some like the Millennium Falcon. It’s still recognizable as a mini version of the ship, but leaves some things up to the imagination and isn’t quite as flawless of an execution.

It’s all about the minifigure

As is tradition for the LEGO Microfighter lineup, the new Razor Crest includes a single minifigure. Fittingly for the kit, you’ll be getting the Mandalorian himself complete with Beskar armor. While we’ve seen this minifig more than a handful of times at this point, the $10 price point of this kit really can’t be overstated. Being able to grab one of the most popular characters from the Star Wars universe right now for that low of a price goes a long way. And while it’s not the most notable inclusion out there, getting the Mandalorian with a jetpack for the first time is also worth writing home about.

All that’s to say, Microfighters are known for their minifigures, and this one delivered about as much as you could want in that regard.

9to5Toys’ Take:

The LEGO Group’s lineup of Microfighters doesn’t always get the best rep amongst builders, but that doesn’t mean the new Razor Crest release isn’t worth considering. In fact, more casual LEGO fans will find this to be a great introductory kit. Whether you’re returning to the hobby as an adult or want to build a set for the first time, there is a lot of value here. And for that, the $10 price tag is a steal.

Sure the smaller size might not yield the most accurate design, but the build still has its strengths. The biggest will very well be the inclusion of a Mandalorian minifigure, but even the ship itself is a nice little collectible to show off on your desk. Is this going to be the most display-worthy creation out there? Not by a long shot. But is it still a fun little build worthy of the entry-level pricing? Absolutely. And for that alone, the LEGO Razor Crest Microfighter is worth considering.

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