LEGO’s next Marvel creation slated to be $500 Black Panther set dropping in November

LEGO Marvel Black Panther 76210

After seeing the new Sanctum Sanctorum drop back at the start of the month, many builders thought that this would be the largest LEGO Marvel set of the year. Now, 9to5Toys can report some more confident findings as to what to expect from one of the year’s most detailed and expensive creations. Clocking in at a massive $500 price point, the upcoming LEGO Marvel Black Panther set 76210 will surely be one of the largest MCU-themed sets to ever hit store shelves.

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LEGO Marvel Black Panther set launching at $500

Now that the summer LEGO lineup has already been released, there isn’t all too much to look forward to for the rest of the year. Star Wars fans do have the expected UCS Razor Crest dropping any day now, but over on the Marvel front, there’s not all too much that builders can expect until next year.

Except there is one set that’s due out in just a few short months and it might just be one of the year’s most exciting creations for Marvel – or any other LEGO theme for that matter. Arriving as set number 76210, there isn’t all too much we know about the upcoming kit aside from the fact that it will be one of the largest Marvel creations ever with a whopping $499.99 price point.

One of the first things that leaks for LEGO sets across the board is the set numbers, and so we know that this upcoming kit will, in fact, be joining the rest of the Marvel action. As set number 76210, it fits right in with the rest of the other builds that we’ve seen from the theme throughout 2022 so far.

Vehicles from other Black Panther sets

Now for what we can expect from the upcoming build. Right now the actual piece count is unknown, as well as just exactly what the set will fully stack up to. The one thing that sources told 9to5Toys is that the build will be based around Black Panther and will prominently feature one of the iconic Wakandan vehicles. But more on that in a little.

Arriving in time for Wakanda Forever

Aside from the steep $499.99 price point, making this one of the year’s biggest sets and even one of the largest to ever grace the LEGO Marvel lineup period, set number 76210 will also be going toe-to-toe with this year’s UCS Star Wars creation when it arrives later this year. So far, 9to5Toys can report that we’ll see this new Marvel build drop on November 11, 2022. That’s the day that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever premieres in theaters, and so it seems fitting that the LEGO Group would celebrate the flick with a monumental new set. There’s no telling right now if the set will actually go up for purchase on that Friday or if this will just be an announcement prior to the special Black Friday release date.

LEGO Marvel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever sets

Otherwise, that’s about it for the upcoming set. Other than knowing that a massive Marvel Black Panther LEGO set is coming, builders are likely going to have to wait just a little bit longer to hear more about the kit. Of course, we have to guess what the set will be, and in my mind, there is just one thing that makes sense right now.

The LEGO Group is now in its second year of the Infinity Saga sets, a subtheme of the Marvel lineup that specifically focuses on key moments in the MCU. We’ve seen a few released this year, like the Iron Man Armory, and continuing that trend to one of the most iconic moments in all of the Marvel universe would be a fitting topping for a $500 set. So my bet is we see a large diorama of the Battle for Wakanda from Avengers: Infinity War.

It would not only have all of the theming around Black Panther for celebrating the release of the sequel, but also would give credence to some other LEGO Marvel rumors that have popped up as of late. For the longest time, there have been whisperings of a UCS-style Hulkbuster, and including a detailed recreation of the Battle for Wakanda would certainly fit. It would also mean that we could see any number of the Wakandan vehicles that made an appearance in the scenes.

If the LEGO Group decides to go a more current route, the upcoming LEGO Marvel set 76210 will likely be based on something new from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. And if that does end up being the case, we’ll likely be in the dark until much closer to the reveal.

What would you like to see from 76210 as the largest LEGO Marvel set of the year? Let us know in the comments below.

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