Review: GravaStar launches sci-fi Supernova Bluetooth speaker and mecha USB-C charger

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Today, GravaStar is launching the latest addition to its lineup of Bluetooth speakers. Known for their unique designs, the all-new Supernova steps that up a notch with an even more eye-catching design that integrates LED lights with a distinctly mecha form-factor. Plus, a companion USB-C charger that delivers even more of the robotic elements in a compact and adorable build. Now for launch day, we’re taking a hands-on look at both of the new reveals down below.

Hands-on with the new GravaStar Supernova Speaker

GravaStar is a more recent name in the Bluetooth speaker market, but one that has made such a splash over the past couple of years. While other brands look to stand out with ultra-rugged designs that can tag along to the beach or serenading you in the pool, GravaStar has gone for a more sci-fi approach. Its lineup of mecha-inspired speakers first caught my attention back in the fall of 2021, and have since become some of my favorite options on the market.

Now the brand is back with an all-new release that goes even further to deliver some high-tech vibes without sacrificing on sound quality. The GravaStar Supernova iterates on the usual design cues that we’ve seen from the brand, with a tripod build that now houses more than just the internal audio array.

Looks, though, are the main draw here. It continues to deliver on these mech-inspired builds that feel straight out of classic science fiction or series like Ghost in the Shell. Where the Supernova does depart from previous releases is with the transparent tube that protrudes from the base. It houses some color-changing LED lights and comes encompassed with some metal accenting that also serves as a mounting point for the hook at the top. That has been one of my favorite features, making the speaker easy to just hook wherever I’ve been listening.

If you recall, we just reviewed the new JBL Pulse 5 speaker which arrived some novel LED light features. GravaStar’s new Supernova isn’t quite going as far as that though. It has integrated lights, but they aren’t as customizable or eye-catching. The application here is more just to further the sci-fi vibes rather than turn the speaker into an ambient light. I have to say that I still enjoy the addition, but this just isn’t the speaker to go for if a light show is what you’re after.

As for the actual music capacities – because despite how novel it actually looks, this is a speaker after all – GravaStar packs in a 25W audio array that can dish out 90db of sound. In my experience, it gets quite loud without distorting the quality, all while delivering deep bass. The mids and highs are fairly distinct, but at higher levels do tend to be drowned out by the bass. For a speaker that looks like this, I have to say that there are no complaints in the audio department.

The 3-inch full-range driver and 0.5-inch high-frequency tweet combination is likely to thank for that, all of which comes backed by seven hours of playback per charge with a USB-C port for when it does come time to refuel.

GravaStar’s new Supernova Bluetooth Speaker is now available for purchase and joins the rest of the lineup on the brand’s official storefront. It’ll sell for $179.99, making it one of the more mid-tier offerings. It is just up for pre-order right now, and will begin shipping on April 9.

Then there’s the new Alpha65 from GravaStar, which takes on another form-factor altogether. A first for the company, this new accessory makes the jump over to USB-C chargers with a new GaN offering. The Alpha65 packs much of the same robotic design, but delivers what is ultimately a much cuter design. The little bot has fold out legs that turn it into a desk toy when not in use, which can then collapse down to plug into any AC outlet with the fold-out plug. It has a 65W output over the dual USB-C ports, with a USB-A slot wrapping up the sci-fi build.

The new Alpha65 now available for pre-order direct from the GravaStar site, and retails for $59.99. Buying the Supernova above will score you the new Alpha65 for free, too.

9to5Toys’ Take

GravaStar sent over the new Supernova Speaker a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve almost been exclusively using it for rocking out throughout the day. I’ve had experience with a couple of the brand’s other speakers in the past, and so I was largely going into this review knowing what to expect. The same premium build remains from the rest of the lineup, with metal accenting making this quite the well-built speaker, though it really is the novel sci-fi design that makes this a real contender for serenading you in the future. There are other models out there that’ll sound better for this price, but none are quite going to match the emasculate kit-bashed vibes.

If you know me, you know I am a fan of all things robots. It doesn’t make it if it’s a mech from series like SSSS.Gridman or a lovable bot like Baymax in Big Hero 6. Somewhere in between, the GravaStar Supernova delivers a speaker that looks as good when it’s not in use as it sounds when you’re listening to tunes.

The $180 price point is definitely on the steeper side for a Bluetooth speaker these days, but it’s comparatively a step down from previous GravaStar releases. That’s a huge plus for me, as the second I unboxed this new release I was worried that it’d be clocking in well above some of the other models. It’s an easy recommendation for the price, and easily one of the most unique speakers on the market right now.

As for the USB-C charger, the Alpha65 is every bit as much of a delight. Aside from the fact that it looks incredible both while in use or just hanging out on my desk, the performance is pretty much what you’d expect from a USB-C charger. The 3-port design is versatile enough to handle iPhones, MacBooks, and whatever else you can throw at it, all while looking like it was ripped right out of some futuristic society.

The bottom line here is that the flashy looks don’t compromise all too much on the functionality, but not entirely. There is one small oversight in that the larger build hogs essential two wall outlets when it’s plugged in, so bringing the novelty to your charging setup will come at a small cost. If you can live with that, the Alpha65 will easily be worth a spot on your desk.

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