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Justin Duino

I’m a writer for 9to5Google with a background in IT and Android development. While I have a soft spot for stock Android, I’m typically juggling two to three devices at once running both Android and iOS. My previous work can be seen on Phandroid, Android Central, and AndroidMeter. Email me at justin@jaduino.com. Tips are always welcome.

dbrand now makes skins for the Nintendo Switch that don’t damage the console’s exterior

Back when the Nintendo Switch launched, dbrand released a PSA about how the 3M adhesive that many skin makers used (including itself) would cause damage to the console’s exterior. After a year of RND with 3M, dbrand has created an adhesive that doesn’t leave a mark.

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Get $200 back and a free charger w/ purchase of Pixel 2 XL from the Google Store

Following the Google Store’s $100 back offer on the Pixel 2 XL that ended just yesterday, the online retailer is now giving customers who finance the phone’s purchase $200 in statement credits and a free 18W USB-C charger.

Behind the Screens: Justin Duino’s custom PC blogging & gaming workspace

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Behind the Screens is a weekly 9to5Toys series that takes you through our writers’ setups, be it mobile, desktop, gaming or home theater. Next up is Justin Duino, a 9to5Google writer.

Until recently, despite having a desk and full-sized PC, most of my work was done on my MacBook primarily because it is portable and I could work from anywhere. It wasn’t until I moved my desk away from my TV and purchased a new UltraWide monitor that I actually found this set up to be beneficial.

Despite primarily using my Windows 10 PC while sitting at my desk, I still keep my MacBook and Google Pixelbook nearby if I feel the need to get up and move. All of this together makes for a great at-home workplace that I can use for work as well as play.

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The Essential Phone gets a permanent price cut to $499 ($200 off)

In the world of Google, it was huge news when Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Android, announced that his new startup was going to be releasing a near-stock Android smartphone. While in 9to5Google’s review we found its hardware to be fantastic, the poor camera performance really made it hard to recommend the $700 smartphone to most consumers. Essential seems to have heard these complaints and has lowered the Phone’s price tag down to $499 permanently…

Mophie releases juice pack battery case for Google Pixel XL w/ 2950mAh capacity and wireless charging

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are arguably two of the best Android smartphones on the market, but unlike other major handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6, there aren’t that many cases out there for it. Today, there’s another option on the market as mophie, a well-known battery accessory company, has announced the availability of a battery case for the Pixel XL…

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T-Mobile offering BOGO free deal on Galaxy S8 starting May 12 [Updated]

Update: T-Mobile’s Galaxy BOGO deal is now live on its website. According to the terms of the deal, the first device purchased can actually either be the smaller Galaxy S8 or the larger S8+. However, if you choose the Galaxy S8+ as the secondary “free” smartphone you will end paying $100 for the handset as the promotion only covers the cost of the standard Galaxy S8 with the $750 gift card.

Samsung hit it out of the park with the Galaxy S8 and are fans clamoring to get their hands on the flagship smartphone. Now, according to a leaked internal document on Reddit, T-Mobile will be offering a buy one get one free deal on the Galaxy S8. But, of course, there are a couple of catches…

Review: LeEco Super4 4K Ultra HDTVs look great, but aren’t without troubles

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A couple months ago, our Ben Schoon reviewed the 43-inch model LeEco’s Super4 TV powered by Android TV, and while it worked for him, he did give a stern warning to anyone looking to pick up the television for themselves. After taking a look at the 65-inch model for the last few weeks (and my colleague Stephen looking at the 55-incher), we share many of Schoon’s same concerns. While the LeEco Super4 are decent TVs by themselves, there are a still some little problems that make it less-than-amazing in terms of overall value…

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Save $29 when you purchase two Google Homes at the Google Store: $229 shipped ($258 value)

Google Home, the company’s response to the Amazon Echo, is currently on sale if you’re looking to purchase at least two units. Priced at $130 each, Google is running a sale that knocks off $30 from the price when purchasing a pair Homes for your home. That brings your final price down to $229 shipped. More details below.