Devialet Stories October 9, 2018

If you recall reading our coverage of Devialet’s Phantom and Phantom Gold releases, you will likely remember that these are not your average speakers. Much like Bang & Olufsen’s Edge, Devialet’s speakers are meant to not only offer a stellar sound experience, but to also make a fashion statement. With Devialet’s announcement of its upcoming Phantom Reactor speakers, it is clear that the company still has this goal in mind. expand full story

Devialet Stories June 28, 2016


Devialet has released some incredible speakers over the last few years but none of those rival its latest creation in power or frequency response. The new Phantom Gold is capable of pushing out an incredible 4,500 watts of power. That’s over five times as much in comparison to its previous releases. With a focus on high-resolution audio plus a slick gold and aluminum design, this Phantom is a visual show-stopper…

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