iPhone photography has taken off in recent years as the lenses and software have improved with each new iteration. Given the rise in popularity, third-party accessory makers have made a concerted effort to develop add-ons that improve upon Apple’s starting point. Bitplay recently introduced a new line of photography accessories called the Snap! 7 Series. Centered around a case for iPhone 7/Plus, a full line of interchangeable lenses and grips can be added to help aid your quest to find the perfect shot.

The Snap! line starts at $50 with the iPhone 7 case that can handle each of the attachments included in Bitplay’s line. From there, a variety of add-ons, including wide-angle and telephoto lenses can be added for as little as $50. Bitplay also offers wooden grips, leather straps and thumb rests that can be attached for a more traditional camera experience. For $80 you can grab the iPhone 7 starter kit that includes a few lenses, while 7 Plus users will need to shell out $150. Pre-orders are now available on each accessory with an estimated ship date before the end of March.

SNAP! 7 is thin and lightweight, designed for one-handed natural shooting stability and everyday use. There’s an add-on grip that can be quickly attached for more a solid, DSLR-like experience and a mechanical shutter button that instantly gives you a professional shooting experience. Dual-layer construction for added shock-absorption, with a hard scratch-resistant outer shell and soft TPU shock-absorbing inner. The two layers function together perfectly to disperse impacts and provide extremely strong protection.

Source: Bitplay

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