Review: V-Moda Remix Bluetooth Speaker shines thanks to its built-in headphone amp

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A few months back V-Moda rolled out its new Remix Bluetooth Speaker littered with intriguing features in hopes that it would stand out from the competition. Aside from the 3D-printed designs that V-Moda has been hawking lately, there is also a built-in headphone amp and a few other goodies here.

I’ve been playing around with the Remix for the last while as the weather has gotten warmer. It has been a trustworthy companion by the water or while gardening outside. And while the features list is nice, I’m a big fan of its design…despite the hefty price tag.

Standing Out

The Bluetooth speaker market is packed full of options. Whether ultra-portable or feature-laden, you can find just about any type of system at a wide range of prices. That causes a lot of challenges for new products entering the market. These days, most of us have a Bluetooth speaker (or a few) around the house. Because of its blend of affordability and ease of use, this has become a must-have accessory for every smartphone user.

So how does V-Moda break away from the pack? The headliner here is the Remix’s striking design. Whether you opt for a customizable 3D-printed shell or stick with the aluminum frame, you’re going to get a look that’s different from the myriad of plastic options out there.

V-Moda also takes a few key forward-thinking features to heart on the Remix. That includes USB-C charging and a built-in headphone amp. Both of which bring extra value that we’ve not seen on similarly priced speakers from JBL or Ultimate Ears. And with a starting price of $300, you’d sure hope that V-Moda is going to take the extra step.


Dubbed the “world’s first 2-in-1” Bluetooth speaker and headphone amp, the Remix caught my eye right away as a potentially perfect partner for my iPhone 7 Plus. Given its lack of a 3.5mm jack (thanks Apple), a number of my headphones have just been sitting on the shelf with compatible hardware to partner up with. The built-in amp supplies 83mW of power, which provides a nice boost for any set of cans. V-Moda itself puts that feature on-par with other comparable options on the market that costs $200 or more.

USB-C charging is a huge deal for me on this speaker. Most forward-thinking manufacturers are going this direction and I’m thrilled to see V-Moda do the same. The only way this could’ve been better was if you were able to charge your device (or Nintendo Switch!) from this port while in use. But I digress.

The internal 3300mAh battery supplies up to 10 hours of playback on a full charge. There’s also a built-in microphone, which can be used to summon Siri or Google Assistant. You’ll also be able to pair your Echo Dot wirelessly for calling up Alexa, without the need for a 3.5mm connection.


V-Moda’s Remix has more a refined sound to my ears than some of the other Bluetooth speakers that we’ve featured here. Take the JBL Xtreme, which has a $300 price tag. I’d said the former is better suited for enjoying your music at home in a controlled environment. Meanwhile, the latter is a go-to for cranking the tunes as loud as possible. Great for outdoors, maybe not the best for enjoying music.

Any speaker review is subjective to the listener’s ears. But for me, V-Moda’s Remix stands on-par with the best sounding Bluetooth options that we’ve heard. And while the speaker is a solid performer, I’m most excited about the amp. The boosted sound coming through my headphones, whether it be Grado or Apple’s own Earpods, was an improvement. Including an amp here not only makes the Remix standout but it also provides a feature that truly is helpful in our increasingly wireless world. You might’ve come here for the V-Moda name or design, but I’m staying because of the headphone amp.

Final Thoughts

It may not be as loud as JBL or refined as Bose, but the mix of audio clarity and features makes it an excellent buy for me if you’re looking to go above the $100 range and want a unique design. The $300 price tag is bound to be a non-starter for some. There are so many options out there in this product category, that V-Moda must bank on a premium experience to separate itself. That said, it delivered for me and I’d take a long look at the Remix if I were shopping for a new speaker today.

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