We have already seen our fair share of Nintendo Switch accessories from screen protectors, chargers and portable docks to the Splatoon-themed Pro Controller and the special edition Monster Hunter Switch console. While the list of first and third party add-ons is sure to grow, like the recently announced NES style Coloware Joy-Con makeover, we have just caught a glimpse of the most amazing custom Switch overhaul yet….

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The creative and very talented folks over at Mako Mod have just recently unveiled an extremely impressive customized Switch console design. It is entirely based-on the stellar Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and, in fact, is designed to look and feel a lot like the in-game Sheikah Slate.

For those not familiar, the Sheikah Slate is a small ancient tablet-like tool Link uses in the game to view maps, take photos and other administrative tasks a hero trying to save the world does. In many ways, the shape of the in-game Slate looks a little bit like the actual Switch console, so Mako Mod decided to take it the distance. And they certainly did.

While not identical to the in-game Sheikah Slate, the design masterfully incapsulates the art and feel of Breath of the Wild. The whole thing is completely hand-made with no CAD or laser cutting and is crafted from a series of different materials. It is made from a brand new Switch and remains fully playable.

The dock is covered in a stone like finish made of “first quality” epoxi putty. Along with the large Sheikah moniker along the front-side, all of the detailed touches were done with acrylic paints and synthetic varnish.

The same goes for the beautifully designed Switch console and Joy-Con which feature a plethora of gold Sheikah inscriptions with a weathered finish. Real-aged Pine wood was used to create the front and back of the Joy-Con along with hand-cut Chillesed brass for the contours of the mini controllers.

It almost looks like something Link might find in a secret shrine or cave somewhere in his travels and I want one.

But, as you may have expected, this thing is a fully customized one-of-a-kind design and you’re going to have get busy on eBay if you want it. Mako Mod has created an auction for it that is currently sitting at just under $700 US with around 40 bids or so. That’s a $400+ up-charge on a standard Switch, but by the looks of it, it’s worth every penny. Happy bidding!

Source: Kotaku

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