Beautiful craftsmanship + Sonos audio combine on the Wrensilva Edition Console

Wrensilva has been cranking out gorgeous home audio consoles for some time now, even going as far to offer official Sonos support on some models. And while its previous releases have had us clamoring for our own vintage-inspired setup, it’s the latest from San Diego that has really caught our eye.

The Wrensilva Sonos Edition Console has a big price tag at $5,000 but you’ll receive a handmade console with two integrated Sonos Play:5 units, a vinyl turntable, integrated controls and more. For those willing to spend, this is the finest blend of technology and natural materials we’ve seen in some time.

As mid-century modern trends have made a resurgence in recent years, technology that also serves as furniture has done the same. Wrensilva has cashed in on that trend with a variety of releases in 2017.

The Sonos Edition Console is made from locally-sourced walnut woods and is wrapped in a white lacquer finish. Unlike other options on the market that require add-on accessories from Sonos to bring true multi-room functionality, Wrensilva has already done all of the dirty work. Two Play:5 units are built into recessed areas on each side of the unit in vertical orientation. While there are custom grills available for the front, you’ll miss out on the gorgeous Sonos integration that’s going on here.

Beneath the lift-up lid on top is where you’ll find all of the controls, turntable and quick access storage for your go-to records. The belt-driven turntable offers a full 3/4-inch platter, with a Gimbal tonearm and Ortofon OM5E Cartridge. You’ll find room for an additional 120 records just below that space, which is accessed by two doors in front.

Uniting refined design with the best in audio technology, the Wrensilva x Sonos stereo console is an elegant blending of the past and the future. Traditional craftsmanship, heirloom quality materials, and analog audio find harmony with contemporary design sensibility, intuitive user interfaces, and the absolute cutting-edge of streaming audio by Sonos.

Where Wrensilva’s latest creation really shines is the blending of vinyl and multi-room audio. Sonos offers add-ons like its Connect unit that allow for analog input from sources like turntables. But what Wrensilva has done simplifies that even further. Audio from the record player can be streamed throughout your home to other Sonos speakers, and the hardware that’s integrated in the system controls volume as well. It’s a unique blend of old-school analog and modern day tech that really makes this product standout.

Along with today’s news that Sonos will soon be offering AirPlay 2 and Alexa support, this console unit from Wrensilva is packed with technology. The question is, are you willing to pony up $5,000 for it?
Sonos’ latest collaboration celebrates modern hi-fi with Debra and Scott Salyer, the couple revolutionizing the record console and bringing all your music together.

There was a time when record consoles were clumsy, great eyesores with shuddering speakers and sub-par sound. But that was before Debra and Scott Salyer of Wrensilva came along. These lifelong music-lovers have poured their passion into building design-forward consoles that sound as good as they look. And the new Wrensilva Sonos Edition is no exception – delivering an unbeatable listening experience, whether you’re spinning records or streaming Spotify.

“When you’re in front of one of our consoles, watching the records spin and talking to the people you’re with, you get sucked in. There are nights where we’ll sit there and realize we’ve been staring at a piece of furniture for hours.”

With its top-class turntable and two powerful PLAY:5 speakers, you can tell at a glance that this console is no mere throwback machine. Instead, it’s a clever blend of traditional and modern, analogue and digital. And for Scott Salyer, that makes it the best of all worlds – perfectly suited to the way we listen today.

“Having been a sound engineer for years and seen everything from 8-tracks to streaming, I think it’s amazing that you can have all your music, all in one place,” he says. “And now with this new collaboration with Sonos, you can play music in any and every room of your home, enhancing this special experience even further.”

“We probably stream music about 90% of the time ourselves these days,” continues Debra. “Yet for us, vinyl isn’t a thing of the past. It’s a thing of now. And to be able to pair it with a system like Sonos that we really believe in is just incredible.”

For the Salyers – as for all vinyl enthusiasts – there’ll always be something irresistible about slipping a record out of its sleeve, lowering it onto a turntable and watching it slowly start to spin. “It’s like sitting in front of a campfire,” laughs Scott. “When you’re in front of one of our consoles, watching the records spin and talking to the people you’re with, you get sucked in. There are nights where we’ll sit there and realize we’ve been staring at a piece of furniture for hours.”

Certainly, the Wrensilva Sonos Edition is well worth staring at. Its cabinet of heirloom-quality walnut is flanked by a pair of smooth PLAY:5 speakers and geometric legs of cold-rolled industrial steel. Inspired by the unique aesthetic of the Sonos flagship store in New York City, the console’s clean lines and elegant simplicity offer a distinctly midcentury design with contemporary influences.

While the inner workings of the console feature an amazing, intricate web of technologies working together, it’s actually quite simple to use.

  • To stream music, turn the selector knob to ‘Sonos’ and use the in-app controls as you normally would.
  • To switch to vinyl, turn the knob the other way and you’re back to listening to your favorite record. There’s even an analog-style volume knob, so you can crank up the sound from the console itself, as well as from your phone or tablet – a first for Wrensilva.

In either setting, you have the ability to play music in every room of your home so no matter what you’re listening to, you never have to miss a beat.

With each console meticulously thought out, engineered and built by hand, it’s this craftsmanship and commitment to sound quality that make Wrensilva and Sonos such a perfect fit. Together, we’ve created a console with versatility, power and passion – one that sounds every bit as good as it looks.

“We’ve always had these big, big dreams,” concludes Debra. “Now we’re making them a reality.”


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