The official Best Buy eBay store is offering the Fallout 4: Vault Boy 111 5-inch Bobblehead for $6.99. You can avoid the $5.50 shipping fee by opting for in-store pickup or just by buying a bunch of them directly at Best Buy. Just keep in mind, the particular Vault Boy bobble you will receive is chosen at random (details below). That’s more than 50% off the regular $11+ price tag and the best we can find. Rated 4+ stars from hundreds. 

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Fallout 4 Vault Boy 5-inch Bobbleheads:

Celebrate your Fallout Boy stats and achievements with this Fallout 4: Vault Boy bobblehead. Each of the seven mascot figures represent stats you can get in the games, and the stands proudly display the Vault-Tec name. This Fallout 4: Vault Boy bobblehead makes a fun addition to your gaming toy collection.

This figure is chosen at random

Order online for a surprise character, or stop by your local Best Buy store to make your selection.

Vault Boy Bobblehead form Vault 111

Uses your imagination to explore the exciting world of Fallout 4.

Collectible bobblehead figure

Includes Perception, Energy Weapons, Strength, Endurance, Repair, Lock Pick, Melee Weapons, Agility, Arms Crossed, Big Guns, Luck, Medicine, Science and Small Guns.

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