This week, Anker has announced its new USB-C PD-equipped Wall Charger that spits out an impressive 60W of power. Anker’s been aggressively expanding its USB-C power offerings in 2018 and this new release promises to be a popular buy for Apple, Android and Nintendo Switch fans. More details below.

Anker’s latest USB-C PD wall charger sports 60W of power, which is perfect for charging an iPad or Nintendo Switch. It will also trickle charge select MacBook Pro models, making it a one-stop power solution while away from home.

The new foldable plug sports that familiar Anker design, with a glowing blue LED light which communicates when charging is taking place. It comes in at 2.52 x 2.52 x 1.12-inches, which is a nice size for travel. We recommend pairing it with Anker’s PowerLine+ cables that are designed for extended lifespans.

You can pick up the new Anker 60W USB-C PD wall charger for $39.99 today at Amazon. Be sure to hit up this week’s July 4th sale for even more deals.

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