Review: The Banzai Twin Falls Lagoon water slide delivers the summer fun

Trying to occupy small children during the summer can be a difficult task. In my part of the country, it’s hot and humid. The only outdoor activity I want to do from June to September is something water related. My kids feel the same way. Since we don’t have a pool, we looked for options to give them something in our backyard. We used the classic Slip N Slide – $27 for a few summers, but they quickly got bored with it.

Two of my kids have summer birthdays, so last summer they got a joint present. We picked up the Banzai Twin Falls Lagoon water slide. Yes, you are looking at that picture correctly. My kids have a water slide in our backyard. As I mentioned, we got this last year, so we’ve certainly put it through a lot between this year and last.

You’ll have twice the fun with Twin Falls Lagoon. Make your way up the center climbing wall and pick a side to slide – both curved slides end with a refreshing splash in the shallow pool. Take command of one of the two water cannons and have a good time cooling off your friends as they race down the face of this toy. The Banzai lagoon includes a continuous airflow blower, and all of this fun inflates in less than 3 minutes. Heavy-duty Dura-Tech construction ensures lasting strength and durability even with regular usage. Bringing double the slides and double the water-blasting cannons, you’ll have twice as much fun with this Banzai falls device. Good for hot days with friends and family, it can be used by a wide range of ages for some outdoor fun. Cool off while the sun beats down as you splash around in the Banzai falls shallow-water toy.

Looking at it, I’m sure you are thinking it’s going to be something mammoth to set up. Well, you are right. Thankfully, there isn’t much to put together. The entire water slide is in one giant piece, but you have to string the tubing around it. That process is a bit cumbersome, and it’ll take you fifteen minutes or so.

You’ll need to blow it up first. It comes with a nice blower that powers the entire slide. The fan comes with a long power cord, but you’ll likely need an extension cord if you are placing the slide far away from your house. After you’ve gotten the slide blown up, you’ll want to attach your water hose to start the fun.

While the slide is a lot of fun, it’s not perfect. It works best on a flat surface. Our yard isn’t 100% flat, so the water tends to build up on one side. Another complaint I have is how much water it uses. I would gladly pay extra for a slide that reuses the water. The slide puts water out from four places: two sprayers up top and then the two guns on the ground. After a few hours, it’s completely full. I tend to take a bucket and use the excess water to water my plants, so I don’t waste the water. I’d love if it had a pump system that stopped using the hose water and would pump water from the slide floor back up.

After you are done playing, you need to let it dry completely before you put it up. It comes with a carrying case that is almost impossible to get in. If you leave it on your grass, it’ll kill the spot. During the summer, we drag it under our porch and let it dry on a tarp. When I am ready to put it up for the summer, I put it on our trampoline and allow it to completely air dry.

Overall, I am thrilled with it. Our kids love it, and they’ve spent countless hours playing with it. It was certainly a decent financial investment, and we haven’t regretted it once.

You can buy it at Walmart or Amazon for $770.

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