Video is by far the most effective medium for engaging with your audience. The problem is, hiring a video producer can be really expensive. Animatron Studio Pro offers a simple solution — this platform allows anyone to create cool animations in minutes. You can currently get lifetime access for $49.99 at 9to5Toys Specials.

When you need to pitch your product or explain your service, a quirky animation is much more interesting than a wall of text. The folks at Google and Facebook know this well — which is why they use Animatron Studio.

This online app makes it super easy to produce slick videos, with thousands of pre-animated characters, backgrounds and props to choose from. Animatron also gives you access to royalty-free video clips, photos and audio snippets. The simple controls allow you to customize every scene and add your own content.

You can export the finished video in multiple formats, including HTML5. This means you can use Animatron Studio to create banner ads and custom GIFs.

Start creating your own videos today with Animatron Studio Pro for just $49.99.