Anker PowerHouse 200 Review: Big power in a small portable generator [Video]

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No stranger to portable power, Anker has wants to make sure it has a solution for every power need. From its extra portable battery packs to larger emergency-ready solutions, like this PowerHouse 200, they have a power solution suited for most situations. The PowerHouse 200 aims to be an all-in-one solution be ready for anything. Emergency power outage and need some light? Grab the PowerHouse. Going camping but can’t stand the thought of leaving your Nintendo Switch behind? Pack the PowerHouse. Priced at $349, the PowerHouse 200 packs a 200wh capacity with USB-C, 110V AC, USB-A, and 12V car outlets. With these versatile outputs it can power more than most power packs. USB-C is lacking on the older, larger Anker PowerHouse and is a welcomed addition to the PowerHouse 200. Check out the video below.

PowerHouse 200: Out of the box

With subtle black and grey colors, the Powerhouse 200 has a very simple, easy to use design. Without even looking at the manual, you basically know how everything works. The on/off buttons above each output toggle an icon on the LCD screen to indicate their status. The simple LCD screen relays battery percentage and also has a battery icon to let you know if it is charging. On the back is simply the power input. Grippy feet on the bottom help to keep it from moving around too much.

The overall look of the Powerhouse 200 is simple, modern and pleasing. There isn’t much else you can do with basically amounts to a large battery with some plugs on it. A flexible handle on top is comfortable and adds functionality without getting in the way like a large solid handle would.

PowerHouse 200: Features and Video

The main point of the PowerHouse 200 is to provide ample power to almost any device, and it passes with flying colors. For it’s reasonable size, it can charge a MacBook Pro five times and even a mini fridge for over four hours.

As the name alludes to, the PowerHouse 200 packs 200Wh or 57600mAh of silent power and weighs just 6-lbs. It’s also smaller than a lot of similar power packs at 7.48-inches long, x 5.47-inches wide and 4.69-inches tall. With the flexible grab handle on top, this makes it easy to pack along on most trips for some added power options.

Not surprisingly, recharging the PowerHouse 200 will take a bit of time due to its large capacity. From the included power adapter, you’re looking at around eight hours to get back up to full charge when depleted.

PowerHouse 200: How would you use it?

One of Anker’s main selling points on the PowerHouse is emergency preparation. You can keep the PowerHouse 200 charged on a shelf and grab it if the power goes out to juice up some essentials. Anker even describes it as a “portable rechargeable generator” in the main description on their website. I’m not sure how accurate that is since it isn’t generating any electricity, but I can see it as a generator alternative in emergency situations.

I often try to work in the car while going on trips, and this opens up even more hours of productivity on my MacBook Pro while on the go. It’s size makes it perfect for throwing in the back of the car whenever we are going on a trip.

It’s also extremely useful for car camping trips. If you need some extra comfort from an air-filled pad, plug-in an electric pump and make quick work of getting set up. Having a power pack around is always convenient if you have the space for it.

Another use I’ve been enjoying with the PowerHouse 200 is powering some of my video lights. I have my LimoStudio light plugged in and can move around easily with roughly three hours of usage. Sure, you can’t light a scene all day, but it adds some nice mobility when needed.

The PowerHouse 200 brings a host of power possibilities with its large capacity and small size. Of course it’s overkill if you’re just looking to recharge a smartphone or tablet while on the go, but if you like to be prepared or have some more demanding power needs, the Anker PowerHouse 200 is definitely worth a look. If you need even more capacity, Anker also offers the larger PowerHouse 120,000 for $499 but without the USB C port.

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