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Just like with their Panda wireless headphones we got a pre-release look at recently, Drop has worked its active community to create a few keyboard options that are excellent choices for those wanting a mechanical keyboard that is well built and can be easily modded. We got our hands on the Drop ALT keyboard, the 67-key aluminum-bodied RGB entry point. Check out the video below for some more thoughts and to see and hear it in action. expand full story

February 19

When it comes to portable power devices, Anker is one of the most well-known names. They’re often at or near the top for recommended power packs. One of their newer lines though, the PowerCore III Sense 10k, offers a fresh design along with Anker’s beloved quality and feature set. Coming in four colors, the Sense portable charger comes in at $49.99, is a slim 10,000mAh battery that can deliver up to 18W power delivery for today’s latest devices. Check out the video below to see more of it in action. expand full story

February 17

Air purifiers are a great way to help control air quality in homes and other tight spaces. Coway’s Airmega AP-1512HH has been an editorial top pick on Amazon for a while with over 1,600 reviews and 4.5 stars, but they’ve improved upon it even more by adding Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone control with the $299 Airmega Smart Air Purifier. Head below to see it in action and check out the new functionality. expand full story

February 13

Anker has been diving into home devices with their RoboVac line, smart doorbells, and security cameras. One of their newer home items is the HomeVac H11. This $60 1.2lb cordless vacuum is easy to use and because of its small, upright design can be stored almost anywhere. Head below to see it in action. expand full story

February 11

In a few recent headset reviews that I’ve done, I mentioned that one of the weak links, in my opinion, is the sound of the microphone. The latest I tested like this was the Razer Kraken Ultimate. It has some great sound and features built into its wired USB design, but the microphone is lacking and doesn’t sound good for teammates in a casual gaming situation. Let’s take a look at one way to improve the sound of the microphone on your headset. Be sure to watch the video below for more visuals and to hear how these changes sound in use. expand full story

February 7

Anker’s latest pocket projector, the Nebula Apollo, packs a ton of features into its small size and $400 price point. This puts it squarely between two other portable projects we’ve taken a look at recently, the Nebula Capsule II for $580 and Vankyo GO300, which costs $280 with our coupon code 9to5Mac. Be sure to check out the video below to see some more comparisons between all three of these projectors. expand full story

February 5

A common name in high-end kitchen gadgets, Breville’s new 3X Bluicer Pro combines two common kitchen appliances into one. Just like the name is a mash-up of blending and juicing, that’s what you get with this $399.95 combo. This way, you can juice right into the blender jug, and then place it on the base and blend your creations with other ingredients. Be sure to watch the video below to see the two recipes from Breville that we tested! expand full story

February 3

If you just saw the SRS WS-1 without any context for what it is, you might be pretty confused – wearable speakers aren’t super common yet. Sony has come up with a pretty interesting device in the $250 SRS WS-1 wearable neck speaker. It provides immersive audio around your neck without wearing anything over or in your ears. It uses a wireless transmitter to take an analog or optical signal and send it to the SRS WS-1 that you wear draped over your shoulders. Be sure to watch the video below to hear some more thoughts on the SRS WS-1. expand full story

January 31

Making a good cup of coffee when away from your normal kitchen or normal appliances can sometimes be difficult – which is something Wacaco has been trying to remedy. Last year we took a look at one of their popular products, the Nanopresso, which is an Amazon bestseller for portable espresso makers. But we were excited to try out their newest coffee maker, an all-in-one vacuum brewer, the Wacaco Pipamoka. Head below to watch the video and see it in action. expand full story

January 28

Projectors have been getting more and more powerful, but there has also been a push for portable projectors that can bring the big screen anywhere. Last year we took a look at the Nebula Capsule II from Anker, but today we’re excited to check out another small portable smart projector in a similar vein from Vankyo. The GO300 is one of Vankyo’s newest products and offers an Android-powered smart projector in a small package. Head below to check out the video. expand full story

January 24

I took CES 2020 as an opportunity to try out a camera I’ve had my eye on for a while – the Canon EOS R. As I’ve mentioned before, I used to shoot photos and videos on almost exclusively Canon DSLRs. But because of the video features that companies like Sony and Panasonic have been packing into their camera bodies, I switched over to Sony a few years ago. So how did the new mirrorless camera from Canon suit me for a run-and-gun trip like CES? Check out the video below for some more thoughts and video examples. expand full story

January 22

Now in its second generation, the Elite controller for Xbox has been refined and touts even more customizability. The $180 Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 features more options for thumbstick performance, hair-triggers, and has additional quick-swappable button mapping profiles. It’s also packed with some nice updates to make the controller more current. Check out the video below to see more. expand full story

January 20

Razer has been coming out with a ton of new technology for mice. We started seeing it in the Viper, and the Basilisk Ultimate, but now Razer has brought new life to two of it’s most popular mice with the $70 DeathAdder V2 and the $80 Basilisk V2. These wired variants sport Razer’s top of the line sensor, the 20,000 dpi Focus+ and Razer optical switches. Head below to see more in our hands-on video. expand full story

January 17

Language can be a considerable barrier to travel, medical attention, or conducting business. But technology keeps making that barrier easer to get over. The Jarvisen translator is marketed as the fastest handheld translator available, but at the starting price of $429, that comes at a premium price. Check out the video below to see what else it has to offer. expand full story

January 15

In our recent coverage of the Hi-Fi headphone line from Focal, we also mentioned that we had the Focal Arche amp/DAC. Just like the Hi-Fi headphones, the $2,500 Arche is aimed at producing a clean and accurate audio signal. That may sound like a lot, and it is. Still, if you’re invested in the Focal audio ecosystem, you’re probably well accustomed to those numbers, and this is the perfect accompaniment to a pair of Focal Hi-Fi headphones. Check out the video below for more details. expand full story

January 13

There are plenty of wireless options out there for over-ear headphones, but Drop has gone to great lengths to create a pair of cordless cans that caters to audiophiles. Wireless headphones typically aren’t regarded as audiophile quality because of limitations found within wireless audio. The Drop Panda has combined new technologies in drivers, amps, and audio transfer to try and create a pair of cans that will perk up the ears of audiophiles. Head below to check out the video. expand full story

January 9

CES can be an exciting time or a dreaded event for some journalists. The veterans are jaded and the newbies, like me, are overwhelmed by emails, appointments, and events. But despite all of that – we get to see some really cool stuff that we are excited to share with you all. If you’ve been watching 9to5Toys, you’ve no doubt seen a lot of the announcements and our favorites from the show, but here is another look inside what CES 2020 is like and some of what we saw. Be sure to check out the video below to see CES in more detail. expand full story

December 31, 2019

Having an external monitor is great when you’re shooting video – especially when your camera doesn’t have a screen that flips to be visible from the front. I had been looking for a monitor to supplement my Sony a7sII and thought I would share my experience thus far with this budget option I found on Amazon for $160 – the Feelworld F5 4K monitor. Check out the video below for more thoughts. expand full story

December 23, 2019

With the resurgence of vinyl, Fluance has been introducing some record players that have been receiving high marks with audiophiles. The reference line-up from Fluance is meant to give the pure analog sound. We’re checking out the RT82 – the entry point into Fluance’s reference turntable collection. Check out the video for more on the RT82.

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December 19, 2019

I imagine a new pair of headphones or a shiny new gaming headset is probably a common thing to buy or receive as a gift this time of year. But where do you put that new pair of cans? Do you show it off, lay it on your desk or hang it under? Here are some end-of-the-year ideas for how to give your new audio equipment a nice home.  expand full story

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