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Sharp will soon unveil the ‘world’s largest 8K LCD TV’, and it even has 5G

When it comes to phenomenally large displays, projectors have been one of the most readily available and cost-effective ways to go. While Sharp’s upcoming 8K TV fits neither of those criteria, it’s still a peek into what the future of TV may look like. With a massive 120-inch screen and insane 8K resolution, Sharp’s teased TV is likely to be absolutely stunning.

Sharp’s incredibly large 120-inch 8K TV is pegged to make its first public appearance at IFA, the same trade show where JVC debuted an 8K projector last year. On top of already-impressive specifications, the yet-to-be-shown TV also features 5G connectivity which should provide enough bandwidth to stream massive 8K footage with ease.

Sharp 120-inch 8K TV: A peek at what the future may have in store

With a 120-inch display, Sharp’s upcoming 8K TV is something that is a tech product certain to capture a whole bunch of attention. Not only will it be wonderful for medical and art industries, Sharp’s adoption of 5G connectivity opens it up to world of additional use cases that allow it to be self-sufficient in places that many other TVs could not. Considering just how much bandwidth uncompressed 4K video takes to stream, 5G’s theoretical 10-20Gbps speeds provide a way to stream top-notch 8K content on-demand.

“Since our launch of the world’s first-ever 8K display back in 2011, Sharp has continued to develop 8K products in the BtoC realm, but thanks to advances in communication and imaging technology, we are now also able to offer fresh value in the field of BtoB,” said Kazuhiro Kitamura, Business Unit President, Global TV Systems BU and Head of Europe Business.

Pricing and availability

As mentioned earlier, Sharp’s intriguing 120-inch 8K TV will not be readily available to just anyone. Instead, it’s being manufactured with museums and schools in mind. For this reason, we may never know how much it truly costs, which if we’re being honest, is probably a good thing.

9to5Toys’ Take

Thanks to having purchased a projector several years back, I already have a 120-inch screen in my home theater. While it certainly pales in comparison of a physical TV (especially in terms of brightness and resolution), it keeps me aware of just how nice it is to have a large display.

Much like most technology that pushes boundaries, Sharp’s 8K TV is an item none of us will get to put in our homes yet. As disappointing as that may be, there’s no question that this device showcases an incredible future. One where TVs take on projectors and propel the industry even further ahead.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

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