No Man’s Sky Expeditions update includes all-new multiplayer game mode, challenges, more

No Man's Sky Expeditions

No Man’s Sky received the Expeditions update today with a slew of changes across the game, including an all-new way to play, updated elements, and more. Beginning today, you’ll be able to use the new Expeditions game mode and start from a fixed point in the universe with other Travelers, allowing you to join the entire community as you embark on a shared journey. So what else has changed in the No Man’s Sky Expeditions update? Let’s dive in and take a look.

New Expeditions game mode allows you to embark on a shared journey with other Travelers

No Man’s Sky has always been about going on a solo journey, though now you can bring pets along for the ride. You start alone on a planet and have to build up resources, leave the planet, and begin exploring space. Eventually, you’ll unlock the Nexus and can join other Travelers for missions, and even team up with friends. The latest update to No Man’s Sky introduces a new Expeditions game mode where you’ll start from a fixed point in the universe along with other Travelers. Together, you’ll embark on a shared journey that is structured around a series of Milestones. These unique exploration goals give you rewards, let you met up with other Travelers, and even help you experiment with new ways of playing the game. They can be completed in any order, so pick your favorite from the list and start crossing them off.

Space Station missions have been overhauled for “greater depth and interest”

If you’ve ever visited the Space Station Mission Agent to receive a task to accomplish, then you likely know they can sometimes be fun, sometimes not. Well, the new overhaul brings a complete rework of missions and now offers “greater depth and interest.” Rewards have also been rebalanced, which can now give better loot for higher-level missions.

You can now use your Analysis Visor in Target Sweep mode to find missions, which can push for more exploration in gameplay. You won’t just follow a marker like before, but instead you’ll have to use tracking skills to precisely locate the target.

Rendezvous with Travelers at new dynamic activity hubs

If you start a new game in the Expeditions game mode, then you’ll be able to find Rendezvous Planets where you can meet up with other Travelers and create a dynamic hub of activity. This will let you reunite with Travelers on the same journey as you, group up and build a settlement, and more.

Other enhancements include visual upgrades to ships, Sentinel combat rebalancing, and more

Of course, we’re just scratching the surface with new content in the No Man’s Sky Expeditions update here. You’ll also find that a number of ships have received visual overhauls with enhanced model and texture details for a fresh look. Sentinel combat has also been rebalanced this time around to make combat “more dynamic and satisfying” while adding extra challenges for players who have higher-end Multi-Tool configurations.

9to5Toys’ Take

No Man’s Sky is a game I keep coming back to. While my current gaming setup can’t run it as well as it used to, it’s still a title I love to play. Whether solo or with friends, it was always a great time firing it up.

The new Expeditions game mode has me particularly intrigued, as I’m often online when others aren’t due to my work schedule. So with a mode like that, I could join up with other No Man’s Sky players without having to wait for friends to jump on, which is particularly interesting to me.

I’ll be checking out the No Man’s Sky Expeditions update this weekend. What about you?

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