Review: Keeping warm this winter with Fieldsheer heated gear [Video]

Being too cold is an easy way to ruin an outdoor experience in the winter. Fieldsheer is one company working to keep adventurers warm with its line-up of battery-powered heated gear. I got my hands on the top-of-the-line Pinnacle Parka jacket as well as the Desert Storm Heated gloves. Both pieces use Fieldsheer’s mobile warming technology, and so far, they’ve kept me warm on some cold Indiana days and have a stylish design as well. Be sure to hit the video below to see all of the details. 

Fieldsheer overview

Fieldsheer has an extensive line-up of warming gear for outdoor use. In addition to large winter jackets and gloves, it offers heated vests, base layers, sweatshirts, and even socks. Now, they do come at a premium (don’t expect budget prices), but from my experience, they work well, fit well, and have plenty of extra features beyond just heating. 

In addition to heated gear, Fieldsheer carries a Mobile Cooling line that helps keep things cool on hot days.

Desert Storm Heated gloves

First off, let’s talk about the $170 Desert Storm heated gloves. I don’t have overly large hands, so I typically aim for large gloves and opted for the large with these as well. They’re snug, and I maybe could have gone for the XL, but these are working well for me so far. In most of their sizing guides, Fieldsheer recommends going a size up if you are in-between sizes, and I completely agree.

Other gloves use different heating patterns and batteries, but the Desert Storm heated gloves have warmers lining the back of each finger and the thumb. There is a little pouch with a barrel plug where the 2,000mAh lithium-ion batteries can be installed. Once installed, there is an illuminated button under a velcro flap that will turn on indicating the current heating level. By default, the gloves turn on to the highest setting – red. A single press will cycle between the different heating levels. Red is 100%, yellow 75%, green 50%, and blue is 25%. A three-second press will power the gloves off. 

Fieldsheer Mobile Warming gear: Video

Battery life

The different heating levels will also affect the battery life of the gloves. You can expect a little over two hours on the highest setting and closer to eight hours on the lowest. I did most of my testing on the highest power and got similar numbers. In extreme cold, Feildsheer mentions that battery life might drop even lower, as some reviewers on the Fieldsheer website have also noted. 

Fieldsheer Desert Storm gloves: In-Use

Overall, I’ve been very happy with the Fieldsheer Desert Storm heated gloves. Besides just being heated, they have some other great technical features. There is a touch-screen compatible material on the tip of each pointer finger, so you don’t need to remove the gloves to interact with your phone. The pointer fingers also feature a rubber screen cleaning blade to wipe away any moisture. 

Additionally, the gloves are padded, feature a large gauntlet design that will cover the cuff of a jacket, are waterproof, and have a reinforced palm. So beyond just heating, they’re a well throughout technical pair of gloves. 

Fieldsheer also carries a line of gear intended for motorcyclists, but these Desert Storm heated gloves also work well on a motorcycle. I went for an hour-long ride in 40-degree Fahrenheit weather, and the gloves kept my fingers warm the entire time, which made the ride much more enjoyable. Operating a motorcycle with frozen hands is not a very fun time. 

One of the coldest tests I did was a three-mile walk in northern Indiana. The weather app had the temp at 11 degrees Fahrenheit, but with wind, felt like -4 degrees. I started with the gloves on max power, and by about halfway through I turned them down to 75% because they were keeping my hands plenty warm. 

When I made a fist, I could clearly feel where the heating elements are on the tops of the fingers. Relaxing my hands some of that instant contact warmth fades, but the gloves still kept my hands very warm. 

$170 is a lot for a pair of gloves, but with the feature set and added heat, it becomes pretty easy to justify the price.

Pinnacle Jacket

Fieldsheer offers a ton of different styles of jackets, but I opted to try out the top of the line – the Pinnacle jacket. Coming in at $330, let’s take a look at what all it offers for that price. 

First off, the Pinnacle Jacket features eight heating zones. Four in the front, two on the upper arms, and two in the back to help keep you warm. It’s also treated nylon to wick away snow and water, which has worked well in my experience. The snug velcro wrist closures help to keep the weather out and warmth in, and there are plenty of pockets all around the jacket for storage. 

The Pinnacle jacket also features Bluetooth to check battery status and change heating settings. The app doesn’t seem to really unlock any new features that you can’t already physically do on the jacket by itself, though. You can change the heating level by pressing the button and check the battery status by looking at the battery. 

The 12V 5,200mAh lithium-ion battery has a couple of other handy features, though. It powers the jacket but also has a USB-A output to charge other devices and a flashlight built-in. 

Pinnacle Parka: Style

Beyond the feature set, I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on the look of the jacket. It doesn’t stand out as anything too technical but looks like a field jacket with large buttoned pockets at the bottom.

I’m 6’1 and about 180 pounds and the large fits me just about perfectly. It’s not too small or too tight, but it has a slim fit that doesn’t feel like I’m swimming in it. 


During that same three-mile walk, the pinnacle jacket kept my upper body plenty warm, just like the gloves. I also started at the highest heat setting, but by about halfway through I was ready to turn it down to 75%. Under the jacket, I was wearing a t-shirt and a crew neck sweatshirt and that felt like plenty of clothing for these temperatures. 

9to5Toys’ Take 

If you want a little extra warmth in the winter and don’t mind paying for it, the Fieldsheer mobile warming items are a great way to do it. I’ve been overly impressed with the quality and performance of the Desert Storm heated gloves and Pinnacle jacket, and they’ve made being outdoors more enjoyable this winter. 

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