Tested: A closer look at Pelican’s ‘bulletproof’ Kevlar carbon fiber-style iPhone 14 case

Pelican iPhone 14 Kevlar Shield case review

Next up in our run of reviews on covers for Apple’s latest handsets is the Pelican iPhone 14 Kevlar Shield case. Easily one of the standouts in the Pelican lineup for me, it is looking to deliver an ultra-protective solution with a unique case construction, a few interesting design details, and the included belt holster included in the package. Now available for all iPhone 14 models, we have also spotted a notable price drop on the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus models. Head below for our hands-on review of the new Pelican iPhone 14 Kevlar Shield case in the latest Tested with 9to5Toys feature. 

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Pelican iPhone 14 Kevlar Shield case review

Today we are taking a closer look at the Pelican iPhone 14 Kevlar Shield case. For the folks that need some extra peace of mind, it features five protection layers rated for 21-foot drops alongside a MicroPel Antimicrobial coating. Inset in the hard plastic frame, you’ll find a carbon fiber-looking panel made of “authentic bulletproof Dupont Kevlar fibers” with three screws in each corner to hold the whole thing together. 

Despite the rugged shell on the Pelican iPhone 14 Kevlar Shield case, it packs built-in magnets to support the plethora of MagSafe accessories out there, from chargers to stands and more, while it’s not holstered in the included belt clip housing. Speaking of which, Pelican ships the case with one of those large, rotatable detachable holsters as well.

Here’s a closer look at the spec sheet:

  • Strong built-in magnets work with MagSafe
  • 21 foot drop protection
  • Case construction made with aramid fibers
  • 5 levels of performance and protection layers
  • Multiple latches to lock and secure your phone
  • MicroPel Antimicrobial Case Protection
  • Easy to use Holster included with belt clip and kickstand for media viewing
  • Lifetime warranty

9to5Toys’ Take

Whether or not it can actually stop a projectile, I’m not exactly sure, but the carbon fiber-style panel does add some interest here. The “bulletproof Dupont Kevlar fibers” are fastened to the surrounding hard plastic frame with three screws that also add a bit of an industrial design sensibility I can appreciate.

Delivering complete coverage around the sides and bottom of the iPhone 14, you’ll find a snap-on trap door treatment. These covers sit over the bottom Lightning cable port as well as surrounding the volume, mute, and power buttons on either side of the phone. Small rubberized plastic extrusions extend from those side-mounted panels to maintain control over the volume and power buttons nicely, but you’ll need to release the hatch in order to get at your Lightning jack and mute button. Just note, all three of these trap door units employ a hinged design and cannot come free of the case in any way. If you want to charge via the Lightning cable, you’ll need to have that cover sort of hanging off the case, not a big deal and the hinge does seem quite robust considering the plastic it’s made of, but it would be easy to see this being the first piece of the case to break after long-term, less-than-careful, or rugged job site-style use. 

You simply unhinge these trap doors, remove the top half of the frame, and insert your device into the back plate before snapping the top back into place. This setup delivers a snug fit around your iPhone 14 and an overall simple installation. The back panel is a basic piece of hard plastic without one of the plushy interiors I always appreciate – all-in-all a small gripe but something I like to see in cases that hit the $60 Pelican is asking for here.

The included holster features a belt clip with a robust rotatable mechanism that turns with a satisfying click around to a horizontal orientation. The actual rotation system feels quite well made and sturdy, but the rest of the holster is nothing overly exceptional, rather just a solid piece of plastic that does the job it’s intended for – the phone case snaps in there solidly and you’ll find some light “Pelican” branding on the clip itself alongside a subtle Pelican logo on the inside. 

I would consider the Pelican iPhone 14 Kevlar Shield case to sit somewhere in between the most protective case systems out there and those that are just trying to be. There’s no built-in screen protector and no mention of the aforementioned port and button covers being sealed water-tight, but it’s certainly going to keep the bulk of dust and debris out while being able to take much more of a bang and drop than most of the thinner, protective cases out there. It also looks better to my eyes than most of the comparable options in its price range.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models are fetching the full $59.99 price tag right now, but you will find a 10% off coupon on the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus variants to sweeten the deal.

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