Overwatch League 2022 Playoffs: Live coverage of the road to Grand Finals

Overwatch League Playoffs

Overwatch 2 just arrived last month and if you missed my original launch day coverage, there’s so much to be excited about for the next-generation of team-based shooter from Blizzard. On the competitive side of the game, today are the final days of the Overwatch League 2022 season and we’ll be reporting in all things Grand Finals live from Anaheim, California. With four exciting matches, we’re breaking down what to expect from the games and detailing post match interviews.

Here’s what you missed so far! Full recaps are down below, but all you need to know is that Dallas Fuel have secured their ticket to the 2022 Grand Finals, while the rest of the Overwatch League Playoffs scores are down below:

Overwatch League Playoffs go live in Anaheim

After a week’s worth of matches to get us into today, the final games of the Overwatch League 2022 season are here with the last day of Playoffs. There will be a total of four games today, which all of course build up to the Grand Finals themselves tomorrow on Friday, November 4. But before the season culminates in tomorrow’s match, we’re diving into what to expect from today’s matches as well as some live coverage of all the action.

As for the games themselves, you can expect all of the matches today for the final day of Overwatch League Playoffs to be focused around fast-paced rush compositions. Kiriko was just finally made playable as Overwatch 2 went live, and now it’s only fitting to see the new hero headlining just about all of the matches.

San Francisco Shock versus Seoul Dynasty: 3-0 [Final]

All of the games today kick off with the San Francisco Shock, which will be continuing their chance to complete a bottom bracket sweep against the Seoul Dynasty. It’ll be the first time that the two franchises have gone toe to toe since the Grand Finals back in 2020, where Shock was able to come out on top to bring home the title.

This time around, a lot has changed. It’ll be the first time that the former Shock player, Smurf, will be taking on his alma mater and their new roster of San Franciscans. Though with as relevant as Winston is in the current meta, Smurf has a better chance than ever to lead Seoul to victory ad one of the better tank players in the league.

The San Francisco Shock versus Seoul Dynasty game will be going live right at 2:30 P.M. PST, and we’ll be live-blogging the matches down below.

Starting off the matches today is the first Control Map of the series with Lijiang Tower. The Shock certainly has a history of dropping the ball on this map type, so we’ll see if and how they can break the curse and take the lead over Dynasty. After a back and fourth map, Shock has now taken home the first win and leads the series 1-0. For once, San Fran won’t be saddened by a Control match.

For map two, we’ll be heading to Rio as both teams swap up their compositions. Coluge is now in for the Shock on tank, while the Dynasty have kept their roster the same. This will be the first hybrid map of the day, as well. After a dominant performance, the Shock have now been carried by Proper and his phenomenal Sojourn plays. San Francisco now lead the series 2-0 as we head into what may be the final match of this showdown.

Now onto the third match of the series, with Shock looking to close it out on Dorado. It is do or die time for Seoul, but Smurf isn’t going down without a fight. Unfortunately for Dynasty, it wasn’t meant to be, as Shock will officially continue the run in the lower bracket with a dominating 3-0 win.

In a post game interview with 9to5Toys, we spoke with both Proper and Striker from the San Francisco Shock. When asked about which of the other teams in the Overwatch League Playoffs, both of the DPS players eagerly expressed interest in getting to take one more crack at defeating the Houston Outlaws. We’ll see if Shock gets their wish with the outcome of today’s later matches, but being able to claim one last victory against the green Texas team seems like a high priority for the team’s journey to the 2022 Grand Finals.

London Spitfire versus Hangzhou Spark: 1-3 [Final]

One of the unlikely teams to have made it into the penultimate day of the Overwatch League Playoffs, the Hangzhou Spark will be trying to stop the momentum of the London Spitfire. With Hadi leading the charge for our UK boys in blue, it’ll be an exciting series to see if the eastern contender can tussle with the fan-favorite Spitfire after their comeback season.

The second of today’s games have now gone live for the Overwatch League Playoffs, with London and Hangzhou heading to Lijiang Tower. Time to see how Hadi and his Reinhardt play can compare with the current Winston-based meta.

Claiming the first victory on Control, Spark has managed to squeeze out a win in a heated back and forth match to start the series. As contentious as the gameplay seemed from the percentages, Hangzhou dominated on eliminations with triple the headclicks as London. Shy so far is leading the way with a total of 15 final blows, too.

After an incredible hold, London has now evened the odds and tied up the series at 1-1. Carrying the momentum over tor Route 66, we’ll be getting our first payload match for Spitfire and Spark. Hadi has been switched off his signature Rein, and so we’ll be seeing if he can go toe to toe with Guxue’s formidable Winston.

Taking the series to a 2-1 score, Spark has won in overtime thanks to two different C9 misplays from the Spitfire. Guxue is certainly proving himself as the best Winston in the lobby, but now we’re headed to Colosseo to see the first Push map of the entire day at the Overwatch League Playoffs.

After falling short on Colosseo, the London Spitfire have been eliminated from the tournament. Hangzhou Spark will be going on to face off against the Shock later this evening following their 3-1 victory, which had an overwhelming performance from both Guxue and Shy. Now we’re onto game three for the day of the Overwatch League 2022 Playoffs.

Dallas Fuel versus Houston Outlaws: 3-1 [Final]

Up in the winners bracket, the beloved Battle of Texas will be kicking off once again for the 2022 season. Dallas Fuel will be taking on the Houston Outlaws for what should be the most contentious game of the day – at least as far as rivalries are concerned. Fuel has been dominating all season, and this will be their chance to lock-in the ticket to the Grand Finals. But with Houston’s usual abilities to take on and defeat even the best teams in the league, it really is anyone’s game as we decide who is the best team out of Texas. Well, that is unless the two teams meet in the championship match tomorrow.

Now for the third game of the day, we’re onto the Battle of Texas to see who is the first franchise locked into the Overwatch League Grand Finals! The two teams will be taking to the stage in just a moment to decide whether Dallas or Houston is the better city. Starting off the series, both teams will be heading to Nepal for the first time today in order to kick off the Control map for the battle.

Bringing their A game right off the bat, the Houston Outlaws have stuck the first blow to the number one seed, the Dallas Fuel. Nepal has been claimed by team green, as we’ll be heading into game two with a 0-1 score.

In quite the aggressive showing from Dallas, Fuel has completely turned the tides on the Outlaws with a striking win on King’s Row. Fearless, Edison, and co have all come alive as they battle back against the green tide.

Taking a 2-1 lead, Dallas Fuel is now carrying the momentum to yet another win thanks to some amazing plays from Sojourn expert, Edison. Taking a defiant win on Route 66, all of the Fuel have come alive as Houston is on the verge of being sent to the lower bracket. Next we’re heading into the second Push map of the night, so we’ll see if Dallas can close out their journey to the Grand Finals for the 2022 season. Off to Colosseo we go!

Closing out the series, Fuel has secured their spot in the Overwatch League 2022 Grand Finals. Utterly destroying the Outlaws on Colosseo, Edison continued to click heads with Sojourn while the rest of the Dallas roster backed him up to shut down Houston. With their ticket secured, Dallas Fuel will be planning tomorrow night in the championship match, while the Houston Outlaws will be playing the winner of today’s final game between San Francisco and Hangzhou.

San Francisco Shock versus Hangzhou Spark: 3-1 [Final]

The final game of the Overwatch League Playoffs will be kicking off later tonight at around 8 P.M. PST. With the San Francisco Shock facing off against the Hangzhou Spark, both of the teams will be warmed up after each winning their own matches earlier in the push for the Overwatch League Grand Finals for 2022.

Both teams have so much to prove, as Shock comes into the game as the number two seed and Spark all the way at the other end of the bracket. We’ll be starting off on Control once again, with Shocking choosing to send us to Oasis.

It’s going to be one of those series. The Spark have managed to defeat the Shock on King’s Row, sending the series to a tied 1-1 score. The back and forth battle between Shy and Proper has slide onto the side of Hangzhou. As a result, San Francisco will be choosing the next map, as we look to see who can take the lead on the third map.

Going back in the favor of the Shock, San Francisco has managed to pull off quite a few hat tricks on Circuit Royal. Going up 2-1, we’re on match point to see who will be moving on to the Grand Finals day of the 2022 Overwatch League season. Even with both teams swapping up their rosters, Proper and Kilo tag-teaming the Shock’s DPS has lead to quite the gap in final blows.

Now for the final time tonight, we are headed back to Colosseo for the next round of Push. Both rosters are going back to the original lineups, so expect to see much of the usual Kiriko comps that have been dominating all four of the games so far.

Shock have done it! Closing out the series, San Francisco has now secured their stop against the Houston Outlaws tomorrow in the lead up to the Grand Finals.

We’ll be updating this post all day with coverage of the Overwatch League 2022 Grand Finals. So stay tuned!

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