Next Level Racing Wheel Stand 2.0 review: Just what I needed for my sim racing setup [Video]

Wheel stand 2.0

As a novice sim racer, I bounce between Assetto Corsa on my PC and Forza Horizon 5 on my Xbox Series X with my kids; having a mobile setup that doesn’t take a lot of time to configure is crucial for me to actually get some seat time in. But with the power of the Logitech Pro Wheel and Pedals, something sturdy is also critical – enter the Wheel Stand 2.0 from Next Level Racing. With tons of adjustability and solid metal construction, it’s been a dependable way for me to have a repeatable sim racing setup without sacrificing massive floor space in my studio. But it does come with a few quirks. Be sure to hit the video below to see all of the details. 

Brief history and pricing

Next Level Racing has a full line-up of sim racing accessories. From the entry-level $250 GTLite foldable cockpit to the $1,099 F-GT Elite front & side mount edition, there are options for different budgets and hardware needs. 

I first looked at Next Level Racing when I was searching for an affordable cockpit for the Logitech G923. When I got my hands on the G Pro Wheel and Pedals, though, I knew I needed to look for something able to handle the increase in torque. 

That’s where the Wheel Stand 2.0 entered the chat. The appeal of the Wheel Stand 2.0 is that it has some upgrades over the older unit and keeps its core functionality. It can fold up to move out of the way (with some considerable effort) while enabling a repeatable cockpit setup that has an impressive assortment of adjustment points to get the rig how you want it.

Wheel Stand 2.0: Video

Setting up the Wheel Stand 2.0

There is a significant amount of setup required for the Wheel Stand 2.0. Everything is well packaged and the instructions are relatively easy to follow, but it will take at least 30 minutes. It’s a lot of nuts and bolts. Some nuts are welded on in convenient places but not all of them.

Since the Wheel Stand 2.0 needs a separate chair, the Gaming Chair Cradle is a huge improvement over the previous model. It worked perfectly with my Secret Lab Titan EVO 2022 to keep it in place under heavy braking. When not in use, it can easily be folded up with the wheel stand. 

The Wheel Stand 2.0 also includes a mount for a shifter or handbrake. The slick design can be mounted on either side. It takes a bit of effort to assemble the whole unit, so ensure you have it the right way before putting it all the way together. 

Part of the setup is getting the wheel deck positioned at the right height. While it can be adjusted, it takes multiple bolts and isn’t the easiest process to re-do. So you’ll want to take some care to try and get it where you want it the first time. 


Where the Wheel Stand 2.0 really shines is its adjustability. Clamping a wheel to a desk works when nothing else is available but being able to fully adjust the position and angle of the pedals, angle of the wheel, and wheel height with the Wheel Stand 2.0 really takes the sim racing experience to another level. 

The pedals can be adjusted both front and back and angled. Considering how much trouble I had with the Logitech Pro Pedals on my carpet, this was a huge upgrade. I really enjoy the ability to dial in the position of the pedals. And with the Pro Pedals being a load cell system, mounting them on a plate means I’ll never have to worry about pressing the brake too hard and sliding around. It feels solid.

The wheel deck angle can also be adjusted to suit different wheel setups and driving needs. It’s pre-drilled with patterns for most name-brand wheelbases. I wasn’t able to fit all three bolts into the bottom of the Logitech Pro Wheel but two seem to hold it quite firmly. 

Wheel Stand 2.0: in-use

Overall the Wheel Stand 2.0 is a vast improvement over mounting a wheel, especially a direct drive wheel, on a desk. That being said, it’s not perfect and there are a few issues with it. 

As I’ve been using it for the last few months, the stand has developed a bit of an annoying squeak. It seems to be coming from the right hinge where the large dials can be loosened to fold up the unit. 

And despite its rugged construction, there is still some flex in the unit. It’s not a lot, and it’s nowhere near the shaking that it would transfer to my desk, but it’s still noticeable and was a little surprising for the robust build quality of the Wheel Stand 2.0. 

Wheel Stand 2.0: mobile, but takes some effort

Another area that isn’t quite as I expected is the sheer mass of the unit with and wheel and pedals installed. The unit itself is heavy but adding more hardware to it makes it even more cumbersome to transport around a room. 

Additionally, there aren’t any grab handles to make moving the unit easier. The shifter mount is sturdy enough to work as an additional place to grab the unit but overall it isn’t as easy to move as I would have hoped. That being said, it still beats having to completely set up my wheel and pedals every time I want to sim race at my desk. And it’s always exactly how I want it.

Wheel Stand 2.0: The sky’s the limit

What’s interesting is that the Wheel Stand 2.0 can also be fully upgraded with a GTSeat Add-on. Personally, given how much flex I experience when playing, I don’t know that I would go this route. But, I haven’t tried any other more expensive cockpits to compare the flex to. Maybe that’s a common issue, but if I was dropping more than $1,000 on a full cockpit, I want to avoid as much flex as possible.

Wheel Stand 2.0 also works with monitor stands, motion platforms, and more from Next Level Racing

9to5Toys’ Take

Altogether it seems like the Wheel Stand 2.0 sits right where it should for the market and price. There are some small issues with it that I wish were better, but it is a huge improvement over having a wheel mounted on a desk. If you already have a comfortable chair, the Wheel Stand 2.0 is great for getting the adjustability that can take sim racing to the next level. 

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