Count down to the holidays with LEGO’s 2022 Advent Calendars: Day 24

New builds Day 24

A tradition of the holiday season here around 9to5Toys; each December we dive in to see what the latest LEGO Advent Calendars have in store. And for 2022, there’s so much to be excited about. With 24 days of different creations on tap, we’ll be taking a day-by-day look to highlight all of the miniature creations, minifigures, and other builds in the countdown to the end of the month. This year, we’re taking a look at what’s included with the latest LEGO Star Wars and Marvel kits. So whether you’re following along at home or just checking out the builds to get in on the festivities, be sure to head below the fold to see how the 2022 Star Wars and Marvel LEGO Advent Calendars stack up. 

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 24

Star Wars — Holiday Sweater R2-D2

The final day of our annual LEGO Advent Calendars has arrived and we’re wrapping up Day 24 with the final minifigure. And to commemorate the last build of the festive 2022 action, we’re getting the last exclusive release! Complementing the C-3PO from earlier in on the countdown, today is assembling the other half of his dynamic duo with a holiday sweater-clad R2-D2.

This isn’t the first time the LEGO Group has wrapped everyone’s favorite Astromech Droid in some holiday charm, but unique to this one we’re getting an all-new print. This year’s puts C-3PO’s face right on the front of the design with some other festive stylings like snow. It’s a fun little print that is undoubtedly one of the best inclusions in the LEGO Advent Calendars this year.

Marvel — Holiday Sweater Drax

Following suit, the Marvel Advent Calendar action is also delivering the last minifigure of the year and it too is an exclusive. Seemingly saving the best for last, Drax has been missing in a lot of the recent Guardians of the Galaxy-related sets. But that all changes today, as Drax is finally making the cut with an all-new festive version.

Clearly inspired by the end credits scene of Volume 1, Drax comes decked out in a holiday sweater adorned with a dancing Baby Groot. It’s such a fun print and easily my favorite of the entire 2022 Advent Calendar lineup. There are some little music notes on either side of the planted Groot, who also rocks a Santa hat to really lean into the holiday theming. Drax is then complete with some cutlery, making sure he’s ready to dig into the turkey from earlier in the countdown.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 23

Star Wars — Santa Gonk Droid

It’s finally here. The day that everyone, myself included, has been waiting for. The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar may be known for its yearly holiday renditions of classic minifigures decked out with new festive prints, but my eyes are always on the fresh takes on different Gonk Droid designs. And for the 23rd installment in the countdown, the penultimate day is assembling just that

For 2022, we’re getting a Santa Gonk Droid that is just flawless. Look at their little beard and his festive cap. The red and white color scheme is as jolly as you’d expect, all while still incorporating the signature Gonk Droid stylings like their stubby legs and the boxy design. I know that many builders are going to prefer the printed minifigures over our walking power converter here, but there’s nothing like a fresh festive droid build to get me in the holiday spirit.

Marvel — Rocket Sleigh Trailer

Completing the Rocket Sleigh that we’ve been assembling over the past three days, the latest LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar installment adds a little cargo trailer onto the back. Complete with a sack of what can fittingly be presumed to be presents, the model is now fully together. I have to say that I really enjoy seeing three days worth of builds come together into a single kit unlike anything we’ve really had before on the Advent Calendar front. And the execution specifically is pretty solid. Now we just have a final day on the horizon, so it’ll be interesting what can top the past few days of Marvel models.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 22

Star Wars — Wampa Cave

With just a few days left, Day 22 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is assembling yet another Hoth-themed creation! Leaving behind some of the miniature builds that we’ve seen in the preceding days, we’re now getting a little Wampa cave creation.

The build here might be on the more simple side, but I am loving just how well the designer was able to craft a Wampa cave out of so few pieces. It looks fantastic with Luke hanging from the top and is such a neat little vignette that we hardly see from these holiday countdown kits.

Marvel — Rocket Sleigh Wings

Expanding the Rocket Sleigh that we started assembling yesterday, Day 22 of the Marvel side of the Advent Calendar countdown delivers a pair of wings. These identical builds clip on to either side of the cockpit and actually makes the ship come together. The red and white color scheme is getting some extra accenting from the blue thrusters on either side, and the design now even further merges the distinct Ravager ship look with more festive cues.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 21

Star Wars — Hoth Luke Skywalker

Assembling the latest minifigure from the countdown, Day 21 of the Star Wars action is assembling Luke Skywalker. Clad in his cold weather gear worn, today’s Advent Calendar inclusion adds yet another inclusion to the ongoing string of Hoth-themed builds.

As far as this actual minifigure goes, the Hoth Luke Skywalker is nothing new. We’ve seen this figure a few times over the past few years in all of the various Hoth sets that have hit the Star Wars lineup as of late, but the inclusion in this year’s Advent Calendar is still nice to see for those who missed out. It’s a great figure with some notable printing to pull off the wintery ensemble.

Marvel — Rocket Sleigh

As for what Day 21 of the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar has in-store, we’re getting what looks to be the beginnings of a multi-day build. Assembling a red and white sleigh-like vehicle, there’s a steering wheel and place for a minifigure to sit in today’s addition to the holiday countdown.

There isn’t all too much to look at right now, but I really adore the idea of combining multiple miniature creations into a larger build. We’ll see how everything pays off over the coming days, so stay tuned to see how the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar finishes out.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 20

Star Wars —Hoth Laser Cannon

Giving the Rebel Alliance some extra artillery to fight back against the Empire, Day 20 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar assembles another miniature build. This time around, the Hoth Laser Cannon is making the cut with a tiny build that makes perfect use of its 11 included bricks.

We’ve seen this in LEGO form so many times over the years, and now its getting its most miniature recreation yet. I really do dig that we’ve gotten so many Hoth builds in a row to close out the calendar, and today’s is as solid as it gets.

Marvel — Wearable Christmas Tree

Following up the Groot from yesterday, we’re getting an accessory to clip onto his back. It wouldn’t be an Advent Calendar without some form of festive greenery, and Day 20 of the Marvel action is assembling a Christmas Tree. This wearable accessory is designed specifically to pair with Groot, turning the Guardian of the Galaxy into a walking decoration.

It’s a fun little build, and expertly combines the holiday spirit with a Marvel icon. Which is exactly what I look for in these Advent Calendar builds.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 19

Star Wars — AT-ST

Delivering another micro-scale model from Hoth, Day 19 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar stacks up to a tiny AT-ST. It’s another vehicle that we received a playscale version of earlier in the year that is not getting the miniaturized treatment, with the small build depicting the Imperial walker with pretty solid accuracy.

It’s an all-around simple build that makes the absolute most out of every brick included to pull off the distinct design. I really adore the fact that it actually comes on a white baseplate to give the effect of stomping around on the snowy terrain of Hoth. So even if it’s not the most exciting model, I’m a big fan of how creative the designer got.

Marvel — Groot

Assembling the latest minifigure of the Marvel Advent Calendar, Day 19 is giving us another member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. This time around, Groot is making an appearance with a teenage version of the character out of Volume 2. The figure has some exceptional printing to really pull off his barked exterior.

The LEGO Group is also complementing the figure with some added accessories. There’s a white little display base that adds some snow into the mix, as well as a printed smartphone tile brick. He also has a bracket piece which will likely be for mounting some kind of backpack or accessory on in a coming day of the Advent Calendar.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 18

Star Wars — DF.9 Turret

Giving the Snowtrooper from yesterday something to fight, Day 18 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is assembling a miniature build from the side of the Rebel Alliance. It’s a great addition to the countdown from pretty much any angle, be it the theming going in perfectly with the recent Hoth focus we’ve seen or just the build itself. I love how accurate the model is, making this an instantly recognizable addition to the festive countdown so far.

Marvel — Milano Spaceship

While it isn’t a festive build, Day 18 of the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar is delivering an exciting model nonetheless. Stacking up to a miniature version of Peter Quill’s original spaceship, this Milano model is one of the more eye-catching ones from the countdown so far.

I love the chaos that is each of the ship’s wings on the side, and the main body actually delivers the distinct shape with the few included pieces. It’s a fun little interpretation of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s first space craft, and definitely has to be one of the best inclusions in the calendar so far.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 17

Star Wars — Snowtrooper

Heading into Day 17 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, we’re making a journey to Hoth! The wintery planet is such a perfect fit for the holiday countdown and we’re getting the first build based around the icy locale. For today, there’s a classic Snowtrooper.

It’s such a fitting inclusion considering how many playscale sets we’ve gotten based around the Empire’s invasion of Hoth over the past year or so. There’s nothing unique about the minifigure compared to the legions we’ve gotten in the past, just that it’s great to see another one included to build out your army.

Marvel — Thanos Snowman

Also delivering on the snow theming, Day 17 is arriving with one of the first actual festive builds from the Marvel side of the LEGO Advent Calendar. This time around, you’re looking at a delightful little snowman build that swaps out Frosty’s usual black top hat and coal buttons for some Thanos armor. The gold pauldrons go quite well with his signature helmet and really make this one of the most exciting creations from the winter countdown so far.

I love the parts usage to pull the entire build together, and the fact that we’re finally getting some festive builds that imbue Guardians of the Galaxy icons with some holiday charm is as good as it gets.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 16

Star Wars — Weapons Rack

It is finally here. The day that I have been dreading. Each year the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar includes one of the least exciting builds of the batch in the form of a weapons rack, and Day 16 is finally assembling that miniature build. Expect, I don’t hate this year.

Now it’s not going to be my favorite build in the holiday countdown by any means, but the LEGO Group really stepped it up from previous years. This is a much larger creation that on top of packing in the functionality of holding up the included blaster and providing some space to store the extra studs that are included, it just looks great. The build actually feels out of the Death Star, and to really sell that the LEGO Group includes a miniature Mouse Droid. It’s a delightful inclusion and dare I say the best weapons rack ever assembled in a LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar.

Marvel — Retro Speaker System

One of Starlord’s biggest quirks is his love of cassette tapes. So to complement the different ones we’ve seen included in the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar, Day 16 is delivering a brick-built hi-fi system. The 3-piece build is certainly on the more simple side, but still delivers what you’d expect to see from some retro speakers. I dig the fun play off one something that is undoubtedly Guardians of the Galaxy, but that’s a little out there for an actual set.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 15

Star Wars — TIE Interceptor

To go alongside yesterday’s Rebel starfighter, Day 15 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is assembling a vehicle from the Imperial side of space battles. The TIE Interceptor has rarely seen the brick-built treatment as of late, and now the latest holiday countdown addition is assembling a miniature version.

The build itself is one of the best we’ve seen from the ship over the years, which has made appearances in previous LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendars. The design still packs in all of the iconic features including its slopped fines and the circular cockpit. It’s nice that the LEGO Group paired the Rebel ship from yesterday with the opposing vehicle, really leaning into the play side of things in a way I can really get behind.

Marvel — Candy Cane

For the past two weeks I’ve been hoping to see some more festive builds hit the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar, and now Day 15 is finally delivering! Though it’s a bit of a lackluster result. This 9-piece build assembles a pretty basic candy cane, and that’s about all there is to the model. It’s a little bigger than the minifigures that have been appearing in previous days, but really drops the ball. Hopefully things get a little better as the final days of the countdown draw near.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 14

Star Wars — B-Wing

Moving into some classic Original Trilogy action, Day 14 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar for 2022 is delivering one of the less iconic vehicles in the Rebel Alliance Fleet. The B-Wing might not be as notable as the X-Wing, but it’s not every day that we see the unique vehicle get the brick-built treatment. So even though it’s a microscale version, today’s build is as exciting as it comes.

The actual design is pretty solid, too! All of the signature aspects are there, including the folding wings and the signature cockpit up top. It won’t be the most notable build in the entire Advent Calendar, but consider this one of the better mini kits so far.

Marvel — Guardians’ Ship Benatar

Over on the Marvel side of Day 14, the LEGO Advent Calendar is assembling a mini ship of its own. The Benatar serves as the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship in Volume 2 and then even through the end of the Infinity Saga. Marking one of last year’s largest Marvel creations, we’re now getting a miniature version that still does a really solid job at recreating the source material.

The tiny build arrives with the signature orange color scheme and manages to pack in some grey accenting to go alongside the detailed thrusters on the back. It’s a relatively basic model compared to some of the other inclusions, but is a neat little rendition of the Benatar.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 13

Star Wars — Darth Vader’s Sand Castle

We’re now officially into the second half of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, and Day 13 is seeing quite the fun little build. Complementing yesterday’s beach-ready Vader, today we’re unwrapping a miniature version of his fortress on Mustafar. Though keeping up with the summer vacation theming, it’s Vader’s Sand Castle thanks to what is just such a delightful little build.

It might not use all too many pieces, but the model is as perfectly executed as you’ll find in the Advent Calendar. The design is instantly recognizable despite the altered color scheme, with some interesting part usage being levied to pull off the iconic building. There’s also an included bucket and shovel to give Vader some tools to help shape his castle.

Marvel — Mantis

Certainly a step up from the day before, we’re now getting a new minifigure to unwrap for the latest installment of LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar. While not exclusive to the festive countdown this year, we’re getting another core member of the Guardians of the Galaxy squad. While not one of the founding members, Mantis has certainly become a fan favorite and now builders have another chance to bring her to their collections.

This specific version launched in last year’s Benatar ship and is now coming in a much more affordable package. The printing isn’t anything extremely exciting, but the dual-molded hairpiece with her antennas is still very nice and really makes the figure. Mantis also comes with a guitar to complete the Day 13 action.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 12

Star Wars — Summer Vacation Darth Vader

If the exclusive C-3PO from the other day wasn’t already exciting enough, Day 12 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar very well may be assembling one of the year’s most exciting creations. Arriving as yet another all-new figure, the Summer Vacation Darth Vader comes decked out in fit perfect for soaking up some sun.

Switching up the usual wintery inspiration, this year the LEGO Group is giving the iconic Sith Lord a new look that sends Vader to the beach. It’s such a delightful minifigure, as I adore the printing on the all-new torso that gives him a tank top with a setting sun and some palm trees. Now that we’re moving into the second half of the Advent Calendar, this is setting a great pace to have the remaining 12 builds continue to deliver the quality we’ve seen so far.

Marvel — Food and Drink Table

I was hoping for something a little more exciting for Day 12, but the Marvel Advent Calendar insists on another uninspiring LEGO build this time around. The small creation stacks up to a table covered in food and drinks, in what is at least a nice follow up to the turkey and stove build we got a few days back.

All told, this has to be one of the worst inclusions in the Advent Calendar so far. Really hoping to see the Marvel action turn around now that we’re heading into the second half of the holiday countdown.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 11

Star Wars — V-35 Landspeeder

Moving into Day 11, we’re getting yet another vehicle from the Original Trilogy, carrying the Tatooine theming off to another day. This time around is the V-35 Landspeeder, which we’ve only seen once before in the LEGO world. Arriving last time as a playscale model in the LEGO Mos Eisley Cantina from back in 2020.

Now this time around we’re getting a much smaller version of the landspeeder, but it’s still a really good model. The sleek white design really shows through and is only made better by the bits orange accenting. I adore how much detail the designer was able to fit in, giving us an obscure yet perfectly-executed vehicle.

Marvel — Mining and Escape Pods

Assembling yet another vehicle, or should I say two vehicles, we have a pair of different pods from various Marvel films starring the Guardians of the Galaxy. On the left is mining pod from the first film, complete with its blue and orange color scheme as well as the little grabbing arms at the front of the craft. Then there’s the escape pod from the Benatar that’s shown off in Avengers: Infinity Way.

Both of these small builds aren’t all too detailed, but do in fact accurately recreate the source material – at least for the scale. I’m glad we got both of them in a single day, but everything is a bit lacking to me. Hopefully we’ll get some more notable creations that aren’t as obscure in the coming days.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 10

Star Wars — Moisture Farm Vaporator

Returning to the Tatooine theming after our brief departure over onto the festive side of builds, Day 10 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is assembling a build right off the Lars Homestead. This mini Moisture Farm Vaporator arrives with a simple build that really does the trick for bringing the appliance into LEGO form.

It’s not going to be the flashiest build in a sea of some very cool miniature spacecrafts and vehicles, but I enjoy the parts usage and overall design. I’ll take models like this over a weapons rack-type build any day, so have to hand it to the LEGO Group for at least doing something a little outside the box.

Marvel — Laser Drill Spaceship

Over on the Marvel side of the holiday countdown, today we’re getting another miniaturized vehicle. This time from Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, Day 10 of the LEGO Advent Calendar has delivered a build of the Laser Drill Spaceship. This eye-catching orange vehicle is a mining craft that’s piloted by Yondu towards the end of the movie to help crack the surface of Ego the Living Planet.

As far as the actual build is concerned, it isn’t all to intricate. But the model certainly delivers on what you’d expect to see from a scaled down version of the vehicle, and at least it’s a more novel color than your typical spacecraft.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 9

Star Wars — C-3PO

Day 9 has arrived, and the latest LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar creation is delivering one of the best inclusions yet! Marking the first exclusive build from the set, we’re getting a new festive C-3PO minifigure rocking a blue Christmas sweater. Much like we’ve seen from previous installments of the holiday countdown set, the LEGO Group is continuing to deck the halls with some more wintery takes on classic Star Wars characters.

For his latest holiday version, C-3PO rocks a sweater that features a little white rendition of his faithful companion, R2-D2. Surrounded by snowflakes that continue onto the back, this is certainly a fun little figure that wonderfully merges the expected Star Wars action with some actual holiday cheer.

Marvel — Nebula

Over on the Marvel side of the Day 9 LEGO Advent Calendar action, we’re also unboxing a new minifigure today. Delivering the first entirely exclusive build from the set, we’re getting a festive Nebula figure decked out in an ugly sweater. Much like the C-3PO included in the Star Wars countdown, this is an all-new printing for the character.

In this case, Nebula is rocking a sweater clad with the face of her father, Thanos. The festive design also works in all six of the Infinity Stones into a look at continues over to the back of the torso printing with a little rendition of Gamora and Nebula together in a heart. Nebula also comes complete with a present to really lean into the festive cheer. This is easily the best inclusion in the calendar so far, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the set includes now that the builds are really getting good!

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 8

Star Wars — T-16 Skyhopper

A fitting follow up to yesterday’s Landspeeder build, Day 8 is now assembling another one of Luke Skywalker’s signature vehicles. Better known for his toy model version that the young farm boy was gifted by Obi-Wan, the actual ship is getting its latest LEGO rendition as a small micro-scale build.

And I have to say that the LEGO Group has done a very nice job at recreating the source material this time around. It’s a neat little creation that still manages to pack in all of the expected signature elements, including the red stripe on the back of the top fin.

Marvel — Turkey

Marking the first actually festive build of the holiday countdown, today we’re getting a turkey on the Marvel side of the Advent Calendar action. This is one of the more unique assemblies of pieces in that you do get a brick-built turkey, but also a little oven type build and some flame pieces.

The first two are pretty basic in their own right, but I love that you can use the flames to connect to Rocket’s blaster from yesterday. It’s the fun little play features like that which make the Advent Calendars a lot of fun, the LEGO Group is really delivering this time around.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 7

Star Wars — Luke’s Landspeeder

Ending the first week of builds from the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar for 2022, today we’re looking at yet another micro-scale creation. Marking the first to move away from the prequel side of things, we’re getting a model straight out of the Original Trilogy with Luke’s Landspeeder making an appearance.

It feels like we get one of the these builds every year, though in the past the miniature inclusions have mixed up the color scheme on the iconic vehicle. Now for this year, the LEGO Group is going back to the basics to give builders a classic version complete with mini Luke and C-3P0 thanks to some white and gold studs. For as few pieces as were used, I’m a big fan of the build, though it has to be one of the weaker ones compared to just how cool some of the original builds were.

Marvel — Rocket’s Blaster

Arming Rocket Raccoon with some extra gear, Day 7 of the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar for 2022 is assembling his iconic blaster. The massive weapon is something of his signature accessory in his introduction in Guardians of the Galaxy, and so it’s fitting the see the item show up as a miniature build.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 6

Star Wars — Bad Batch Shuttle

Moving on from the Clone Wars theming, Day 6 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is assembling another miniature build for 2022. Keeping with the Prequels theming, we’re getting a build from The Bad Batch with Clone Force 99’s iconic shuttle. In what effectively arrives as a scaled down version of the 2021 playscale version of the ship, the blue transport vessel is now getting the miniaturized treatment.

And for only using the few bricks that it does, I am a big fan. It certainly has the looks part down for the Bad Batch Shuttle, and even includes some play features thanks to the folding wings.

Marvel — Rocket’s Crate

Following up the inclusion of everyone’s favorite trash panda in yesterday’s LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar, Day 6 is delivering a batch of accessories for Rocket. All packed into a crate, today’s build assembles some iconic items from the Guardians of the Galaxy’s tenure in the MCU, from a robotic eye that’s inevitably given to Thor to Anulax Batteries that he steals from the Sovereign planet. There’s even one of Yondu’s arrows.

It’s a fun little build that actually builds out the play features of the inclusions so far with references to the movies. This won’t be the most exciting aspect of the Advent Calendar for everyone, but it’s a fun inclusion regardless.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 5

Star Wars — B1 Battle Droid

Starting off the new work week, Day 5 of the LEGO Advent Calendar is arriving to give builders their second minifigure. Fittingly for the Clone Wars theming that has been present to start off the countdown, we’re getting a character to oppose the Clone Commander from last week. Offering a B1 Battle Droid complete with a blaster, this is a notable follow up to the Droid Tri-Fighter that started off the Separatist lineup.

It’s never a bad thing to have another battle droid, and pretty much every yearly Advent Calendar ensures one makes the cut. I also really do love that the set so far has been really leaning into the play side of things. As cool as the mini builds are in their own right, having the contrasting Republic versus Separatist theming makes the models that much better.

Marvel — Rocket Raccoon

Delivering the second minifigure from the Marvel side of the action, Day 5 of the LEGO Advent Calendar is matching the Star Wars inclusion of another figure with one of the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. In this case, Rocket Raccoon is making his appearance into the countdown with a non-exclusive design.

It’s the same look we saw in last year’s LEGO Benatar Guardians’ Ship, which is now giving builders a more affordable way to bring the weapons-obsessed hero into their collection. I’m a big fan of the design, making this a far more exciting inclusion that the Quill minifigure that kicked off the festivities earlier in the Advent Calendar.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 4

Star Wars — Acclamator Class Assault Ship

Heading into the next round of countdown to the holidays with the LEGO Star Wars set, Day 4 is assembling another miniature model. Keeping pace with the Clone Wars theming, today sees the Acclamator Class Assault Ship get all the love. This vehicle from the Republic garrison arrives with the kind of pretty basic build that’s you’d expect from these Advent Calendar inclusions, but does a really fair job of recreating the source material.

So while it might not be one of the more well known ships in the Star Wars fleet, and that really shows considering that we’ve never had an Acclamator-Class Assault Ship assembled as a LEGO kit before in any capacity. So it’s nice to see the vehicle finally get the brick-built treatment.

Marvel — Weapons Rack

A staple from all of the LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 4 of the action is seeing the very first weapon’s rack of 2022. It’s a tradition that’s hardly enjoyed by the LEGO community, but something that always seems to sneak its way into the holiday countdown. In this case, you’re getting a pretty basic stand that comes decked out with a pair of tools and a stick of dynamite on the side. It’s easily the least exciting model from the holiday countdown so far, and leaves a lot up to the imagination so far as to what kind of weaponry the included Marvel minifigures will get to use. Hopefully tomorrow picks up the pace a bit more.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 3

Star Wars — Droid Tri-Fighter

Continuing with the Clone Wars theming, Day 3 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is assembling our first Separatist creation for the 2022 countdown. As the second mini-scale model in the set, the Droid Tri-Fighter arrives asa pretty exciting build that consists of 22 pieces and assembles a pretty faithful recreation of the vehicle. I love the color scheme and that the LEGO Group even tried to fit some variance in with the light blue piece.

It’s been so long since we’ve seen the ship in LEGO form period, and so I’m thrilled that it made the cut for today’s Advent Calendar inclusion. And if the first two days were any indication, tomorrow should see a pilot emerge as the gift behind door number four.

Marvel — Kyln Drone

As for Day 3 of the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar, 2022 is seeing yet another brick-built creation, with the Guard Drone from The Kyln. Straight out of the first film, this 21-piece build assembles one of the drones from the prison that the Guardians of the Galaxy are sent to. It’s a pretty nice representation of the source material, and arrives at as close to minifigure-scale as possible. I am a big fan of the part usage and just how the entire build comes together.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 2

Star Wars — Clone Commander

Onto day two of the festive countdown, we’re getting the first minifigure of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. Fitting in perfectly with yesterday’s Republic Gunship, there is a Clone Commander figure. This marks the third appearance of the high-ranking trooper since originally debuting in the UCS version of the transport vehicle last year. Since then, it has been released in the Clone Minifigure Pack, and now in the holiday set.

All told, it’s still a pretty cool figure and even though I almost wish a standard Clone Trooper was included instead, this is a nice option for builders to score the unique figure.

Marvel — Presents

After a pretty solid start to the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar yesterday, we have our first disappointing build for 2022. Assembling a little ensemble of presents, the day two of the countdown stacks up to a pair of brick-built presents. There’s not too much to say about the inclusion today other than it’s neat to see Quill’s iconic Awesome Mix cassette included as well as what seems to be a pair of headphones. Hopefully day three delivers something a little more exciting though.

LEGO Advent Calendars 2022 — Day 1

Star Wars — Republic Gunship

Kicking off the very first day of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar for 2022, we have a build right out of the Clone Wars! After its UCS debut last year, it’s exciting to see the Republic Gunship get the miniature treatment. Assembled out of 25 bricks, this model fits right in the palm of your hand and delivers one of the more exciting ships from the Prequel Trilogy.

Some of the miniature builds in the yearly Advent Calendars can be on the disappointing side, but this Gunship is certainly an exciting model. I love how all of the key features are there, with just enough pops of color from the green and red bricks to accent its signature white design. Hopefully this won’t be all we see of the Clone Wars theming throughout the rest of the countdown, but for now we’ll just have to wait for day two tomorrow.

Marvel — Star-Lord

Over on the Marvel side of the LEGO Advent Calendar action for 2022, we’re being greeted with the first minifigure from the countdown. Behind door number one is Star-Lord, rocking his Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1 look. The red Ravager suit pairs with some rocket boot accessories and his classic Quad Blasters to round out the figure. Peter Quill here isn’t exclusive to this festive kit, but makes for a nice inclusion and sets the pace for the rest of the GotG-themed creations. So all-in-all, a very nice start!

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More on the LEGO Star Wars 2022 Advent Calendar:

Fans will discover a surprise brick-built toy behind every door of the 2022 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75340) in the run-up to Christmas. It features 8 LEGO Star Wars characters, including C-3PO and R2-D2 in holiday sweaters decorated with each other’s portraits, a Gonk Droid dressed as Santa and Darth Vader in a summer outfit from LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation on Disney+

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