Should you build your own NAS or buy one? Unraid vs. TrueNAS vs. Synology

While we’ve talked about network attached storage (NAS) devices many times, and we’ve taken an in-depth look at Blair’s massive 80 TB setup, we’ve never really looked at why you should pick different storage systems. Synology is quite popular, but so is TrueNAS and Unraid. If you’ve not heard of the latter two, however, nobody could blame you. However, in our guide today, we’re going to review Unraid vs. Synology vs. TrueNAS in the ultimate showdown to see which is the best for various different storage setups.

Essentially, Synology is synonymous with simple, easy-to-use hardware and software that you can pick up at most major electronics retailers, plug in, and be up and running. However, TrueNAS and Unraid are software that you install on existing hardware that’s already sitting at your home or business, which makes entry much easier for many folks on lower budgets. Do any of these options sound interesting to you? If so, then let’s take a closer look at why you should have a NAS, and which you should choose down below in our head-to-head Unraid vs. Synology vs. TrueNAS review.

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