ustwo Games Stories August 22, 2018

Mobile game sensation Monument Valley launched some 4 years ago now and has been downloaded more than 160 million times. Developer Ustwo Games followed up the critically acclaimed original with a sequel in the summer of 2017 and has since racked up loads of Apple Design Awards, an iPad Game of the Year trophy and a pair of BAFTAs for for Best British Game and Best Mobile & Handheld Game. And now it looks like Paramount Pictures has tapped director Patrick Osborne to bring the game to the big screen. expand full story

ustwo Games Stories June 11, 2018

expiredThe stellar Monument Valley 2 for iOS gets rare price drop today: $2 (Reg. $5)

Monument Valley 2 for iOS is now on sale for $1.99. After launching at WWDC last year, the game has now dropped from $5 to $2. Outside of a brief discount during Black Friday, this is the lowest we have tracked on the stellar puzzle game in 2018 and matching the all-time low. It carries a 4+ star rating from thousands and very rarely goes on sale, so grab this now while you can. More details below.

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