iPhone-5s-AT&T-deal-Apple-9to5toysUpdate: Looks like iPhones are not longer available at the discounted rate.

AT&T has just kicked off a 50% discount on popular smartphones when users activate a new 2-year contract. This promo generates all-time low prices for a number of popular smartphones: iPhone 5s (includes Gold!) $100, iPHone-5s-AT&T-deal-9to5toys-webiPhone 5c $50, HTC One $75, Nokia 1520 $100, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom $100, and others.

New subscribers as well as existing AT&T users are eligible for this special pricing, however it is only available online. Please note AT&T’s ‘mandatory’ $36 upgrade fee will apply. AT&T has not shared the promo’s end date but internet whispers suggest it’ll run through the Black Friday shopping season.

Note: Only applies to sub $200 smartphone so 32-64GB iPhone 5s don’t qualify.

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11 Responses to “50% Off Popular AT&T Smartphones: iPhone 5s $100, 5c $50, HTC One $75, Nokia 1520 $100, more”

  1. It appears that the iPhone is off the list. I tried to order one and it is now telling me it does not apply to iPhones.

  2. Grrr. I just upgraded for 5s with ATT 3 days ago and paid them full $200. Going to try call them and ask to apply this discount.
    Thanks for sharing this – already upgraded my wife’s phone to 5s for $100. Also going to trade in her old 4s for $200 att credit.

  3. scottheng says:

    It should be noted that the 50% off AT&T smartphones applies to phones priced at $199 and under. 32GB iPhone 5S is still $299.

  4. Fran Ivanaj says:

    I think this is only applicable to the 16GB versions of each device listed. Tried “upgrading” to the 64GB iPhone and there was no discount applied.

  5. Mike Dee says:

    It’s only available for NEW customers and customers ADDING A LINE. For the iPhone 5S, it’s also only available for the 16gb version. The 32gb and 64gb versions are not a part of this sale. At least as far as I can tell. Dissapointing!

    • Mike Zbacnik says:

      Only partly correct. I successfully ordered a 16GB Gold 5S for my daughter’s “eligible to upgrade” line. No problem. But you’re correct that it only applies to the 16GB model.

  6. Too bad AT&T doesn’t discount the 64GB model.

  7. Looks like it’s only on the 16GB model…not enough capacity for me…

  8. Be aware, for the iPhone 5S (Newest Model) it’s only the 16GB model for sale.

    Too bad.

  9. weakguy says:

    NO WAY!!! 5s for $100 and HTC One for $75? Damn it… Now I want one…