Have a physical copy of Fornite? It may be worth a fortune on Amazon

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Fortnite has taken the world by storm. As of a couple of weeks ago it was made available on Nintendo Switch, putting it on all three major consoles, iOS, PC and Mac. Many players may be surprised to know that before the Fortnite became a wild success, it was also available as a physical disc. With the game now having over 125 million players, physical copies are being deemed as collectibles and are listed on Amazon for up to $1,000.

We all know how these situations typically play out. A rare item is listed for an extremely high price and catches some attention. Before you know it, others want to cash in on the action, so they list it for slightly less. The cycle repeats until the pricing comes way down and supply has met demand. Once again, that is what appears to be happening with physical copies of Fortnite.

While there are listings priced as high as $1,000 at the time of this post, there are also options in used condition that will only set you back $150-$200. Not bad for a game that offered pricing as low as $40. Not only did some of these players get a lot of gameplay out of their investment, they are now able to make a profit off of it.

During its beta phase, Epic Games published Fortnite as an early-access title that users had to pay for. It was available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mac and PC with physical copies available in retail stores.

Not everything with Fortnite’s release has been smooth. When the game was announced on Nintendo Switch a couple weeks ago, users who had created an account on a PlayStation 4 could not use their same account on Nintendo Switch, forcing them stay on Sony’s platform or start with a brand new character.

With a game as large as Fortnite, Sony has heard a lot of complaints and is looking at options to allow users to share accounts across multiple platforms. Other platforms like Xbox One did not face this issue and were able to cross-play from day one.

Even though it gives you a way to recoup some of your investment, I always opt for digital games. So even if I was interested in Fortnite during its early-access, regrettably I would not have purchased a physical copy.

Do you own a physical copy of Fortnite? If so, do you plan to sell it? Let us know in the comments.

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