Red Dead Online update hits this month w/ new Law and Bounty system, balancing and much more

Red Dead Online update inbound

The next Red Dead Online update is coming in just a couple week’s time. Rockstar’s hit wild west title is getting some solid updates in the way of mini-map enhancements, the new Law and Bounty system and much more. All the details are down below.

Mini-Map Changes:

Some enhancements to the mini-map will help out those of us that find ourselves on the wrong side of the barrel too often. The visibility of each player’s icon on the map will be dimmed significantly over long ranges. So you’ll only be able to see other players within 150 meters of your location, providing they aren’t firing a weapon.

However, players that are being overly aggressive will be highlighted on the mini-map. And that includes an individual’s entire posse as well. Rockstar is apparently defining “aggressive” activity the way you would imagine. Don’t kill people recklessly or mow down horses outside of organized shootouts and the like:

Your visibility increases through bad deeds such as attacking and killing other players or their horses outside of a structured mode, Free Roam Mission, event or competition, and the shorter the time between bad acts, the more your visibility increases. 

Posse Feuds:

Some interesting changes are also coming to the Posse system via this month’s Red Dead Online update. Stumbling upon another group of outlaws can now trigger a Feud, Posse Feud or Leader Feud which can “quickly [turn] a dispute” into a mini death-match.

The Law and Bounty System:

The new Red Dead Online Law and Bounty system sounds very interesting. Players with a high bounty will have the chance “to be beset by NPC Bounty Hunters” that will track them relentlessly. The system is quite nuanced as well with various crimes resulting in a variable level of difficulty. In other words, if you’re murdering innocents as opposed to just engaging in straight PvP shootouts, the difficulty of the NPC Bounty Hunters will increase significantly. Here’s more from Rockstar:

If your bounty exceeds a certain threshold and Bounty Hunters take notice, you will be wanted dead and alerted to their pursuit. The higher your bounty, the greater your value and the more difficult the pursuit becomes for you and your Posse.

Daily Challenges:

On top of that, some Daily challenges will be introduced including what sounds like everything from basic fetch quests to clearing hideouts and hunting challenges.

The mini-map changes and resulting penalty for players (and their entire posse) for reckless behavior not only makes for a better experience, it keeps things a little bit more realistic for the gamer. Needless to say, Rockstar is doing everything it can to keep things balanced in its online experiences. Including taking cheaters to court and pocketing $150,000 in the process.

The upcoming Red Dead Online update rides into town on February 26th.

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