Protect the skies & more in Fortnite’s latest update w/ Air Royale, food fighting, & new pet interactions

Fortnite is still king of the hill when it comes to battle royale games. Just last week, Epic announced that there would be a new “Reboot Van” to bring downed players back into the game. Now, you’ll be able to go airborne and stay there in the new Air Royale Event. Not only is Air Royale here, but there’s also Food Fight – Deep Fried where two teams take either side of the map with a huge barrier down the middle. Learn more about both of these new game modes and more below.

Fortnite Air Royale

With Fortnite’s latest Air Royale limited time game mode, you’ll be able to climb aboard a plan and take to the skies while you fight to be the last one in the air. In this fast-paced mode, you’ll enjoy fighting as Duos only, and each plan has three lives. Players will respawn until their plane’s last life is gone, and touching the ground is an instant-elimination for individuals. However, planes can land…but only for a few moments before exploding, so be sure to stay airborne!

You’ll be able to hijack other team’s planes and that will add their life to your plane, and remove one from theirs. The storm is still here while you’re in the air, though it’s a ceiling that gradually lowers until the end of the match. Loot chests are also still present, and you’ll fly through them to collect with five different rarities available.

Damaged planes can even be repaired by finding floating repair kits which heal planes and grant health or shields to players.

Fortnite Food Fight – Deep Fried

Epic is also introducing another limited time game mode to Fortnite dubbed Food Fight – Deep Fried. Two teams will start on either side of the map. There’s a huge barrier in the middle, and lava steadily rises up from below. You’ll have to build a fort to protect the restaurant mascot, and when the barrier lowers, each team will attempt to destroy the enemy.

The goal is to both protect your own mascot and destroy your enemy’s. Once the mascot is destroyed, the team loses the ability to respawn once eliminated.

This game mode should prove great for those who would rather build than fly, and I can’t wait to see how long it sticks around.

Fortnite misc. updates

Alongside these updates, you’ll find some other new or changed features. The Egg Launcher is back as a skin for the Grenade Launcher. Plus, the Infantry Rifle now has Epic and Legendary variants with 42 or 44 damage.

As a gameplay change, you can now pet the dog and other pets during the course of your session. Battle Pass Friend XP Bonus has also been upgraded, giving a larger XP boost for partying with more friends.

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