Hands-on: LEGO’s limited-edition Christmas X-Wing blends Star Wars with festive cheer

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Throughout December, we’ve been counting down to Christmas with LEGO’s Advent Calendars. And now that the big day is finally upon us, we’re culminating our coverage with a look at yet another festive creation. And this time, it’s a limited-edition version of one of the most iconic vehicles from a galaxy far, far away. The LEGO Christmas X-Wing brings some Santa stylings into a fan-favorite starfighter from the Star Wars universe with exclusive figures and plenty of holiday charm. Head below for a closer look.

A closer look at LEGO’s festive X-Wing

LEGO is no stranger to releasing festive kits, even those that merge existing properties with some festive charm. But when it comes to the Christmas X-Wing, LEGO went a step further to deck out a classic Star Wars vehicle with a Santa-inspired design. All of that extra winter charm isn’t without a drawback, as this limited-edition set was only available to LEGO retail employees as a fitting holiday gift. 

And now, in the spirit of the holiday season, we’re taking a peek at what the limited-edition LEGO Christmas X-Wing has to offer.

The LEGO Christmas X-Wing delivers on everything you’d expect from the name with a build that is unmistakably holiday-themed. There’s still the signature design of the iconic ship here, but it’s converted from an Empire-slaying starfighter to a souped-up sleigh. 

Everything here has received a new coat of holiday-inspired paint ranging from the instructions themselves to just about every aspect of the build and included minifigures. But let’s start with the Christmas X-Wing, which is the real star of this holiday LEGO set. 

Santa theming headlines the LEGO Christmas X-Wing

Skipping the usual gray color scheme you’d expect, the LEGO Christmas X-Wing brings in a Santa-themed red and white design. The build itself is nearly identical to the standard 2017 model, but with a few adjustments to fit with the more festive theming here. While the entire exterior has been renovated, an easy highlight has to be the candy cane cannons on each of the s-foils. 

All of that festive theming carries over into another aspect of the aspect of the set, which doubles as a stand for the LEGO Christmas X-Wing. The little Santa’s workshop build is a wonderful addition to the main starfighter and does a wonderful job at helping display the limited-edition build while also incorporating even more holiday theming. 

This isn’t the most complex build by any means, but it has plenty of little details that are delightful in their own right. There’s a little toy workshop inside, as well as all of the structures to hold up the X-Wing itself. Out front, there’s also some trees and candles that continue the theming. And because this was technically released last year, a 20th anniversary Star Wars plaque completes the build here.

Lastly, there’s a sleigh to complete the package. Most LEGO X-Wings we’ve seen in the past include some kind of maintenance cart or small troop transporter, and this holiday version continues that trend. But just like with the starfighter itself, there’s a festive design applied here that turns it into a little sleigh to load up the X-Wing with presents.

LEGO delivers festive Star Wars minifigures

Now while pretty much everything else here isn’t exclusive, LEGO does include a pair of minifigures with its Christmas X-Wing, one of which you can only get in this set. The star here is a Santa X-Wing Pilot who’s decked out in a red version of the famous flight suit. The design is entirely unique here with gold accenting and even some white ruffling to fit with the Santa motif. 

Next up, there’s also a Santa Yoda figure here. While this one isn’t exclusive as the torso printing can be found on other Saint Nick figures, it’s still a great addition to the set. There’s also an R2-D2, which is a staple of any X-Wing, even the festive one. While there’s nothing too special about it, it’s still a great inclusion.

9to5Toys’ Take

All in all, the LEGO Holiday X-Wing is about as perfect of a set as it is an exclusive one. It’s rare you see such a superb all-around model, especially one that pairs an existing property like Star Wars with some holiday theming. 

The only real downside about this set is the limited-edition nature, and subsequently its price tag. Given that these were only released to LEGO store employees, you’ll have to try your hand at picking up one on sites like eBay to secure the kit for yourself. Or as we mentioned earlier, just about everything here aside from the minifigures are common parts, so you could build your own Christmas X-Wing without having to shell out for this collectible kit.

While it’s likely that we’ll never see this same Christmas X-Wing ever released to the general public, it does give us a good idea what what LEGO is capable of. So hopefully in the future we see an equally festive creation hit store shelves. But until then, let the LEGO Christmas X-Wing inspire you to add some holiday flair to your existing Star Wars builds. 

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