Vissles V84 review: This budget hot-swap Bluetooth keyboard does it all [Video]

While the world of mechanical keyboard keeps growing, one trend that has been picking up traction is the ability to hot-swap switches. With typing being such a tactile experience, being able to change the sound and feel of a keyboard can make work and play even more fun. Companies like Glorious PC Gaming Race, Keychron, and Drop all have great options, but there are other contenders out there like more affordable options like the Vissles V84 that we’re looking at today. With hot-swap MX-style switches, Bluetooth connectivity, a robust build, and a typing experience that might be the best I’ve tried in a pre-built keyboard, there is a lot to like about the V84. Be sure to hit the video below to see all of the details and hear these switches. 

Looking at Vissles’ product portfolio, it’s a little surprising to see a keyboard like this. With everything from portable monitors to wireless chargers, their products spread out a few different ways. But from first getting the V84 out of the box, it looks and sounds like they know what they’re doing. 

Feature run-down

Currently on sale for $99, and only $89 plus shipping when you use code V84 at checkout, the feature list on the Vissles V84 is quite impressive. 

  • Layout: 75%
  • Weight: 824g
  • Switches: Vissles VS linear switch / hot-swappable
  • Keycaps: PBT 
  • Adjustable angles: 
  • Connectivity: Detachable USB-C and Bluetooth
  • RGB: 19 dynamic and 9 static and customizable
  • Up to 180 battery life with RGB off

Out of the box

Vissles has included plenty of accessories to supplement the V84. A nice wrist rest perfectly fits the keyboard, while a keycap puller and one of the nicest switch pullers I’ve seen included with a keyboard make it easy to swap out all of the hardware. 

The V84 also works for both Windows and macOS, with keycaps for both operating systems included in the box. 

And while the V84 can be connected via Bluetooth to a mobile device, tablet, or anything else with Bluetooth, it also has a removable USB-C cable that can also provide that connection to a computer. 

Also included are a magnetic riser to get the board to a 6-degree angle, 3M rubberized pads, and a cleaning cloth.

Vissles V84: Video

Vissles V84: Design

Keyboards are available in all shapes and sizes these days – everything from a standard full-size with dedicated numpad to the smaller 60% boards that well-known manufacturers are bringing to market. Vissles has decided to go with a less common layout – the 75%. This 84-key board keeps things small but still packs all of the navigation functionality and F-keys along the top of the board. 

I’ve been a huge fan of 65% boards lately because I like the smaller size, but my workflow uses arrow keys quite frequently, so the smaller 60% doesn’t usually cut it. After using the V84 for a while, I’m a fan of the 75% layout. It doesn’t take up any more room laterally than 65% keyboards, so I still have the same space available for big mouse swipes when gaming but has full F-key functionality as well. 

Everything feels well built, there isn’t any audible rattle, and it feels substantial weighting in at 824g. That’s heavier than some full-size keyboards out there. Personally, I enjoy a heavy keyboard, but if you are going for portability and lightweight, then something like the Keychron K3 (V2) Might tick that box at just 396g. 

One other neat feature with the case is that the high-profile side can be removed if you’d rather show off the switch housings or some of the RGB lighting. This could also help with cleaning and is just a neat feature that I don’t think I’ve seen on another keyboard like this.

VS Switches are incredible

Stock, the Vissles V84 comes with self-developed VS mx-style mechanical switches. These linear switches are on the lighter side, rated at 45g actuation force, but give a very pleasant typing experience and sound. They also feature 2mm pretravel with 4.00mm total travel for a standard Cherry feel. 

Typing is quiet, but the switches and overall keyboard build deliver an incredibly satisfying sound that I haven’t found on other pre-built keyboards. Some of the best sounding and feeling that I’ve tried so far has been in the HyperX Alloy Origins 60, but I feel that the Vissles V84 takes it to another level. 

For me, one complaint I usually have is that with a lighter linear switch, I find myself unintentionally hitting keys when gaming. Sometimes even when typing scripts. I’ll look back at what I was typing and see a long string of unintentional a’s from not realizing I was holding a key. 

The only other downside I’ve found is that the stabilizers aren’t the best, either. They rattle and don’t give the same premium experience as the switches. 

But, if you find that the switches aren’t to your liking, you can quickly and easily swap them out! Actually, even if you are just bored and want to switch it up, I’ve found hot-swap keyboards like this and the Drop ALT a lot of fun to tinker with. 


For keycaps, Vissles is using white PBT caps with a good-looking simple font. It’s not too gamery but is easy to read. The V84 comes with keycaps for macOS installed but can quickly and easily be swapped for PC configurations. The combination of these keycaps, switches, and the rest of the build make for that great feeling and sounding typing experience. I’m still a budding keyboard enthusiast, but to me, this board sounds and feels much higher quality than the $119 price point would suggest. 


Another great feature of the Vissles V84 is the ability to plug it in or connect with up to five devices via Bluetooth. This way, you can get a fast connection for gaming or keep things sleek by cutting the cord. 


Vissles has also packed RGB into the board with 19 dynamic back-lit options, or you can program your own visuals using software from Vissles. While there isn’t any lighting around the sides of the keyboard like the Drop ALT, the keycaps shine and glow to light up the keyboard quite brightly. And if you want some more light, just take off that high-profile side to let more light shine from the switches.

9to5Toy’s take

All in all, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Visless V84. From features to typing experience, everything has delivered much more than I was expecting. Personally, I’d probably prefer a little more weight on the included linear switches, but part of me just wants to get used to them because the board sounds and feels so good. For a pre-built hot-swap board from a company that I didn’t know much about, this thing is pretty incredible. 

Use code V84 to get 10% off at checkout.

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