Tested: Is this $7 under-desk headphone hanger from 6amLifestyle worth the savings?

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There are loads of under-desk headphone organization systems available on Amazon and elsewhere, but today we are taking a closer look at the affordable 6amLifestyle Headphone Hanger. The particularly low-cost solution sells for not much more than a couple cups of coffee, but the question is, does it actually hold up and do what it’s supposed to as well? Head below for the latest Tested with 9to5Toys to find out. 

6amLifestyle Headphone Hanger

The 6amLifestyle Headphone Hanger certainly isn’t the most flashy option out there, nor does it have a brand name most folks will recognize. But it also comes with an extremely enticing price tag from just $7 Prime shipped on Amazon. Everyone knows The Anchor and even the Brainwavz BigT variants — both of which are very much functionally the same as the 6amLifestyle — but they also sell for about double the price in most cases. 

The 6amLifestyle model ships in three colorways  — black, silver, and gray — to match your decor, which for some folks, despite it resting mostly out of sight under the desk, is important, myself included. 

There’s not much to speak of here. It’s a basic T-shaped hanger made of aluminum with your choice of included 3M adhesive or a pair of screws (also included) via the pre-drilled holes for installation. According to the manufacturer, it can be affixed to glass, wooden or metal desks, tables, shelves, or cabinetry using either the two-sided tape or screw method. 

The T-shape form factor supports a two sets of cans — the adhesive is rated for a 2-pound max payload and the screws can carry up to 8 pounds of headphone. 

Here’s a quick look at the specs:

  • Holds two headsets at the same time
  • Two Installation Methods: 3M Adhesive & Screws
  • Made of “premium” aluminum
  • Curved edge to protect your headphones from scratching
  • Size: 0.98 inches wide and 3.54 inches long
  • By Adhesive: Max load ≤2 pounds/By Screws: Max load ≤ 8 pounds

9to5Toys’ Take

The no-frills 6amLifestyle Headphone Hanger has a few things going for it beyond the price tag. It’s tiny and out of the way, but has been more than robust enough to carry one and two pairs of beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones — not the heaviest set out there, but certainly not the lightest. I have been using the adhesive method to get it up under a typical wood desk and it thus far has been rock solid (about three weeks of solid daily use) with no signs of coming down. I also haven’t been overly careful with it and have even had some less-than-sober musicians pulling headphones on and off of it without fail — a test all headphone hangers should be able to stand up to, in my opinion. 

The adhesive method was about as simple as you would imagine. Pull off the back side of the two-sided tape, stick it on a clean surface (I used some rubbing alcohol to ensure this was the case), give it some pressure, and you’re good to go. I didn’t even really let it rest or cure for nearly as long as I was supposed to, and it all worked fine. 

As for the screw method, it’s a little bit difficult to get a screwdriver in there to actually fasten it in place, unless you have some kind of specialty tool for the job. The wings and overhang lip just sort of get in the way. It’s not impossible with a small screwdriver, but slightly annoying and just something to keep in mind here. 

As for that curved edge the manufacturer refers to, it should say something more like “barely curved” and “probably” won’t rip your headphones. I haven’t had any issues here, nor would I personally be overly concerned with that, but it certainly isn’t one of those options with a padded T-hanger or anything like that. If you have some super high-end cans, you might want to consider a more high-end hanger, but then again, you most likely already were. 

In the end, it’s a basic, no-frills option that looks nice and gets the job done with little to no effort on your part (providing you’re not going to choose to struggle with hard-to-reach screw holes here). It’s not exactly elegant-looking when you have two large ear cup headsets on there, as they tend to bump into one another and don’t hang perfectly vertical, but at this price, and for my needs, that isn’t an issue. The finish is nice and clean with a slight texture to it, and for $7 Prime shipped, it has been a wonderful purchase thus far. 

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