Seer is the latest recon in Apex Legends — here’s how his abilities work

Tuesday, Apex Legend enters its 10th season with Emergence. Of course, there’s quite a bit new, including World’s Edge updates, Ranked Arenas, a new weapon, and Seer, the latest Legend to enter the game. Seer is a recon legend, and his abilities surround that quite well. While Seer might seem similar to Bloodhound on the surface, honestly, there’s quite a bit of difference here, so let’s take a closer look.

Seer’s passive, Heart Seeker, lets him see which direction enemies are hiding

Bloodhound has the ability to see footsteps on the ground, Crypto can send out a drone, Pathfinder zips around corners, and Valkyrie can spot enemies from the sky. But Seer is different. Seer’s passive, Heart Seeker, looks for the heartbeat of enemies within a 75m radius. This only happens whenever the Legend is aimed down sights, and you’ll see an arrow pop up showing you which way an enemy is from your position. Walls and structures don’t stand a chance here, as the ability works no matter where an enemy is hiding. If you’re someone who loves knowing where enemies are without them knowing you’re aware, Seer could be your next Legend choice.

Focus of Attention stops enemies from healing and interrupts their abilities while revealing their locations

While Heart Seeker works all the time, as it’s a passive ability, Seer’s tactical is Focus of Attention. When activated, this tactical summons micro-drones that “emits a delayed blast that goes through walls interrupting and revealing enemies.” In the trailer, we see a Valkyrie mid-flight get hit by Focus of Attention, only to then fall out of the sky. It also stops enemies from healing, interrupting the animation and making them start all over. Plus, you’ll see the exact location, not just direction, giving you the drop that could win the battle with ease.

Seer’s Ultimate Exhibit shows enemy locations as they move through a micro-drone sphere

For his ultimate, Seer throws out a deployable heart with micro-drones loaded inside. They’ll spread out and create a large sphere, which reveals enemy positions as they walk throughout the area. Be sure to tip-toe when inside a Seer ultimate, as moving quickly or firing your weapon is what triggers the reveal.

Other changes coming to Apex Legends in Season 10

Earlier this week, we got our first look at the overhauled World’s Edge that we’re getting in Season 10. Refinery is being replaced with a “much bigger” POI called Climatizer, there’s a new bubbling lava river connecting Climatizer to Fragment East, more gondolas are present, Sorting Factory has turned into Lava Siphon, and Train Yard is gone and replaced with Landslide.

Also, don’t forget that Ranked Arenas is making its debut on Tuesday, where you’ll be able to climb up and become the Apex Predator at the top of the game.

9to5Toys’ take

Seer’s kit feels quite high-level, I think. The heartbeat sensor seems like it’ll be useful if you remember to use it, while the tactical has to be aimed just right to be the most effective. Honestly, the ultimate will be the game-changer, I think. Just imagine an end-game scenario where the ring is small, and you can deploy a net that shows you exactly where enemies are, right after using your tactical to stop them from healing and using their abilities. Seer is coming out of the gate quite powerful, and I’m all for it.

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