LEGO 2022 sets have been announced: Star Wars, Creator, City, Minecraft, more

More LEGO 2022 sets have now surfaced via the official instruction site, showcasing a collection of upcoming builds from various themes. Giving us a first look at what to expect from the likes of Star Wars, Creator 3-in-1, Minecraft, Ninjago, and City more, we’ll have a breakdown of all the LEGO 2022 kits below the fold.

New LEGO 2022 sets have been unveiled!

Pricing on all of the new LEGO 2022 sets has been unveiled, and you can check out the landing page over at LEGO Shop for a breakdown of everything. Otherwise, dive below for a closer look at all of the highlights.

LEGO Star Wars 2022 confirmed

Kicking things off, we have official confirmation of the report from 9to5Toys the other day that noted we’d be seeing two Star Wars Accessory Packs. Named Defense of Hoth (40557) and Clone Trooper Command Station (40558), these two $14.99 sets have now shown up on the official LEGO instruction site. We’re still waiting on photos, but expect those to arrive in the near future. For a full report on what to expect, check out our initial coverage right here.

Update: They have been officially unveiled! And to our delight and surprise, the Clone set includes a pair of two standard troopers to go alongside Commander Cody. The Rebel Hoth kit also looks quite neat, with three different designs of trooper. Both should be quite good for army building.

There’s also going to be a small Hoth AT-ST Polybag coming out to round out the Hoth theming of the LEGO Star Wars 2022 lineup.

A new Creator 3-in-1 assembles next year

Over on the Creator 3-in-1 side of things, there is just one set as of now to feast your eyes on. Clocking in with 755 pieces, the upcoming Majestic Tiger (31129) kit arrives with two additional builds to complement the main ferocious feline model. On top of a red panda with some accessories, there’s also a koi fish that can be assembled, too.

LEGO Minecraft sees refreshed lineup for 2022

Returning to the licensed side of the LEGO catalog, Minecraft will be receiving several new kits come 2022 with three builds having been unveiled so far. Each one is packed with various MOBs and locations from the video game in the usual blocky style. You’ll find a breakdown of the kits below.

  • The Training Grounds (21183) $69.99 | 534 pieces
  • The Rabbit Ranch (21181) $29.99 | 340 pieces
  • The Guardian Battle (21180): $24.99 | 255 pieces
  • The Mushroom House (21179) $19.99 | 272 pieces
  • The Fox Lodge (21178): $19.99 | 193 pieces
  • The Creeper Ambush (21177) $9.99 | 72 pieces

Nine new LEGO Ninjago sets coming out in 2022

While we’ve known for quite a bit now that NInjago fans would have a new City expansion to enjoy sometime in early 2022, we’re also getting a look at a handful of other upcoming builds today. So far, this is the only theme to have a comprehensive overview released for next year, though pricing is still waiting to be confirmed like the rest of the kits.

My favorite of the batch has to be the Ninja Ultra Combo Mech (71765), if not only for its blatant referencing of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann with the massive drills and sunglass-like details on the chest. It stacks up to 1,104 pieces and mainly assembles a mech straight out of the series, or any other combining mecha for that matter. This one arrives with an $89.99 price tag.

Here are the rest of the LEGO Ninjago 2022 sets:

  • Ninja Dojo Temple (71767) $99.99 | 1,394 pieces
  • Lloyd’s Legendary Dragon (71766) $69.99 | 747 pieces
  • Jay and Nya’s Race Car EVO (71776) $49.99 | 536 pieces
  • Lloyd’s Race Car EVO (71763) $29.99 | 279 pieces
  • Kai’s Fire Dragon EVO (71762) $29.99 | 204 pieces
  • Jay’s Thunder Dragon EVO (71760) $19.99 | 140 pieces
  • Zane’s Power Up Mech EVO (71761) $9.99 | 95 pieces
  • Lloyd’s Ninja Mech (71757): $9.99 | 57 pieces

City gets in on the LEGO 2022 releases

As for the City theme come 2022, the LEGO Group looks to be returning to space. Specifically, there is going to be a new Lunar Research Base (60350). Including five different minifigures, the set has a unique looking NASA-inspired design that’s specifically meant to capture the look of the Artemis Base Camp concept. This one enters with 786 pieces, and there seems to be plenty of all-new elements, too.

Here’s the full breakdown of the LEGO City 2022 sets:

  • Fire Helicopter (60318) – 53 pieces
  • Fire Rescue Police Chase (60319) – 295 pieces
  • Fire Station (60320) – 540 pieces
  • Fire Brigade (60321) – 776 pieces
  • Race Car (60322) – 46 pieces
  • Stunt Plane (60323) – 59 pieces
  • Mobile Crane (60324) – 340 pieces
  • Cement Mixer (60325) – 85 pieces
  • Beach Lifeguard Station (60328) – 211 pieces
  • School Day (60329) – 433 pieces
  • Hospital (60330) – 816 pieces
  • Rescue Helicopter Transport (60343) – 215 pieces


Last up for the new LEGO 2022 sets, we have an assortment of Friends kits that should be arriving come January. This upcoming wave is so far spread across three different sets at various price points, which are headlined by an over 1,100-piece tree house build.

Fittingly for the rest of the Friends 2022 lineup, the two other LEGO sets have much of that same tree or environmental focus. Though judging by the gaps in set numbers, there should be some additional entries into the collection. But we’ll likely have to wait for an official announcement from the LEGO Group for those.

In the meantime, here’s a full breakdown of the Friends sets coming next year that we know of so far.

  • Friendship Tree House (41703) | 1,114 pieces
  • Street Food Market (41701) | 592 pieces
  • Tree-Planting Vehicle (41707) | 336 pieces

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