Review: Beyerdynamic Pro X Series brings pro audio hardware to creators [Video]

Beyerdynamic might not bit the first name that comes to mind for creator and gaming audio, but that might be about to change. Its new PRO X creator series aims to give high-quality audio hardware for content creators and streamers that provide both premium audio and all-day comfort. We got our hands on the open-back DT 900 PRO X headphones and the M 70 PRO X dynamic microphone. Be sure to hit the video below to see all of the details of the Beyerdynamic Pro X series. 

While this hardware is intended for creators, Beyerdynamic also just recently came out with new gaming headsets that are getting high marks from other reviewers. If that piques your interest, check out the MMX 100 and MMX 150

Back to the PRO X creator series, in addition to the two items we have, Beyerdynamic also has two other pieces of hardware in the line-up. It also offers the closed-back DT 700 PRO X and the M 90 PRO X which is a condenser microphone. 

DT 900 PRO X

First up, let’s talk about the $330 DT 900 PRO X. This is the open-back variant, as opposed to the closed-back DT 700 PRO X. Beyerdynamic keeps the design pretty standard for its brand. Round earcups with a perforated case keep things pretty neat and tidy. There is a large DT 900 PTO X logo on the side of each earcup, but it is a glossy black on the flat black of the earcup that overall looks pretty classy. 

Also included are two mini-XLR to 3.5mm cables with lengths of nearly 6ft and 10ft. The 3.5mm connectors come with screw-on ¼-inch adapters for more connection possibilities. 

Open-back headphones let in a fair amount of room noise when wearing the headphones, but also tend to lend themselves to a wider sound thanks to the ability for air to move freely in and out of the earcups. But, depending on your surroundings, a closed-back pair might be more ideal if you typically use the headphones in a noisy environment. 

A yoke design connects to the adjustable headband which features a fair amount of leatherette-wrapped soft memory foam padding.

Beyerdynamic Pro X: Video


Another major focus for the PRO X line of headphones is comfort. Beyerdynamic has wrapped the earpads in a soft smooth grey velour that I’d love to see on more headphones. It is very soft to the touch and rests nicely around my ears. 

The earcups are deep enough for me for extended comfort, but the tips of my ears do make the slightest bit of contact with the driver covers. This is something that can be fatiguing, but it is only the slightest contact for me and hasn’t been an issue for extended use. 

There is considerable clamping force which is surprising to me for an open-back pair of headphones. But when moving my head around, the DT 900 PRO X stays in place. 

How does it sound? 

First off, the DT900 PRO X is marketed as a headphone meant for mixing and monitoring. Rather than altering the sound much, these will render a clear and accurate representation of your audio. So while they may not have huge bass for those who favor a beefy low-end, the clarity and soundstage is what is going to shine here. 

I’m driving the headphones through a Behringer U-Phoria UM2 which has been my go-to for a number of years. 

With that in mind, lows are kept under control on the DT 900 PRO X. They are tight and impactful, but in no way overpowering. There is plenty of detail and clarity to understand what is going on without getting anywhere close to a muddy sound. 

Mids are also kept pretty level on the DT 900 PRO X. One of my favorite ways to try out mids is to listen to “Mist” by Protest the Hero. The tight, fast guitar tracks need a pair of headphones with plenty of mid-range clarity to really shine, and the DT 900 PRO X absolutely delivers. Unlike a lot of tuned headphones, these keep mids tight and present. Vocals shine well

Likewise, highs are kept well in control and come through crystal clear with the DT 900 PRO X without being harsh.

All-in-all, the Beyerdynamic DT 900 PRO X headphones off a crisp pair of headphones that represent audio well with exceptional clarity and stereo imaging. And while they’re not intended for gaming, these headphones also work well thanks to that stereo positioning and sound clairty. They aren’t ladened with over-powered bass and work well to pick up tiny details on the battlefield. But, if gaming is your intended use, check out the latest gaming headsets from Beyerdynamic. 

As a more casual listener, I prefer the sound of the Philips Fidelio X3 which has been at main-stay at my desk for over a year due to the fun bump in low-end, but it’s hard to deny the clarity of the DT 900 PRO X as a more reference-focused pair of headphones for mastering audio. 

M 70 PRO X

Next up is the Beyerdynamic M 70 PRO X dynamic microphone. Dynamic mics can be beneficial to solo creators and those in a noisy room as they are intended to be used very close to a subject. This is in contrast to condenser microphones which can work well to pick up a room or multiple people talking but they can also pick up a lot of room noise thanks to their sensitivity. One of the most popular microphones for podcasting is the dynamic Shure SM7B for this reason. 

The close proximity helps to render a natural broadcast sound for your voice but also helps to cut down on background noise, which is usually preferred for content creators. If your room hasn’t been sound-treated to knock down echos, the dynamic nature of the M 70 PRO X can help to reduce room noise as well as keyboard and typing noises. 

Beyerdynamic does carry a condenser mic as well, the M 90 PRO X, but for this video, we are focusing on the dynamic counterpart. 

Otherwise, the M 70 PRO X is very simple. Rather than using a USB connection with polar patterns, gain dials, and even RGB lighting, the analog M 70 PRO X has an XLR out, and that’s it. 

Included in the box are a shock mount, pop filter, and protective sleeve. The shock mount is a vital part of most recording setups and works well to cut out desk impacts and keep noise to a minimum. In my experience, the pop filter is recommended as I was getting some plosive pops when using the microphone without it. The protective sleeve makes transport a little bit safer when on the go.

You will need to provide an XLR cable and a USB interface if you are using the M 70 PRO X to record on a computer and I would absolutely recommend the Behringer U-Phoria UM2. I’m in no way an audio engineer, but with XLR and ¼ instrument inputs as well as a direct monitor headphone out, it can tackle everything I need it to. 

Another focus of Beyerdynamic is sustainability. While this may not make the microphone sound better, i would prefer spending money with a company that is intentional about product and packaging design. For the M 70 PRO X, many parts can be easily replaced if necessary instead of trashing the whole microphone. Beyerdynamic has also focused on making the packaging environmentally friendly by using entirely recyclable paper and cardboard. 

How does it sound? 

To me, the M 70 PRO X sounds nice and natural for spoken voice. It’s not quite as full-bodied as the M 90 PRO X, but the dynamic nature lends itself well to content creation that might otherwise be a little bit noisy. Sound samples of both mics are available on Beyerdynamic’s website. Be sure to hit the video to hear examples of how this microphone sounds in comparison with popular streaming condenser microphones like the HyperX QuadCast S and Samson Q9U

9to5Toys’ Take

Beyerdynamic is making some big moves in the creator and gaming worlds and I for one am here for it. While I haven’t been able to try the MMX gaming series yet, I hope to be able to soon to see what all of the hype is about. 

The DT 900 PRO X offers exceptional clarity for audio mixing and hearing all the details of your music or recordings. The M 70 PRO X works well to keep background noise at a minimum while delivering a natural-sounding voice. 

There are cheaper options for mics, one of which is the famous Shure SM58, but you would also need to supply a shock mount to get to the same sound isolation as the M 70 PRO X

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