LEGO January 2022 buyers guide: Check out all of the new Star Wars, Marvel, and other kits

New sets From $10

A new year is now underway and with it comes an entire collection of LEGO sets. This time around for 2022, you’ll find everything from the latest Star Wars and Marvel recreations to Technic, City, Ninjago, and many other new sets. Head below for the full scoop on all of the new LEGO sets available for January 2022, which are now available for purchase.

After quite the eventful year for LEGO, 2022 is starting off strong with a massive collection of new creations from a wide variety of themes. Ranging from the latest from LEGO Star Wars, Marvel, Architecture, Creator, and more, you can check out the entire collection right here, or continue reading as we break down the best of what’s now available from LEGO.

All of the following kits will go live at midnight on January 1. 

Star Wars

As you can expect, Star Wars is headlining yet another new wave of releases this time around with a handful of sets. This may very well be one of the more diverse collections from the theme, with a nice mix of Clone Wars and Galactic Empire creations. Though as we expect from January lineups, these new LEGO Star Wars sets are all on the smaller side – so fans hoping to score a massive, display-worthy build will have to wait for later on in the year.

As far as highlights go, all of the new Hoth-focused sets are certainly catching my eye. I am hoping to fill the UCS AT-AT with enough Snowtroopers by picking up way too many battle packs, though the refreshed AT-ST is surely this wave’s most eye-catching set.

Here’s everything that’s new with LEGO Star Wars in 2022:

  • Hoth AT-ST: $49.99 | 586 pieces
  • Snowtrooper Battle Pack: $19.99 | 105 pieces
  • Defence of Hoth: $14.99 | 64 pieces
  • Clone Trooper Command Station: $14.99 | 66 pieces
  • Razor Crest Microfighter: $9.99 | 98 pieces
  • Ahsoka Tano: $9.99 | 164 pieces


Over on the Marvel side of things, the most noteworthy thing for January isn’t what new LEGO sets were released, but what the LEGO Group held off on. The previously-announced buildable LEGO mechs have been officially shelved, potentially making a debut later on in 2022. Otherwise, there’s a nice mix of builds in the January wave including sets based around upcoming MCU movies like the Multiverse of Madness, as well as an interesting Iron Man figure.

Here’s the full breakdown of new LEGO Marvel sets for January 2022:

  • Iron Man Figure: $39.99 | 381 pieces
  • Gargantos Showdown​: $29.99 | 264 pieces
  • Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout: $49.99 | 155 pieces
  • Spider-Man at Doc Ock’s Lab: $29.99 | 131 pieces
  • Hulk vs. Rhino Truck Showdown: $19.99 | 110 pieces
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man’s Techno Trike: $9.99 | 59 pieces


At long last, 2022 is also seeing the return of the Architecture Skyline theme after taking a hiatus throughout last year. This time around, there is only going to be a single set released in the January wave, with LEGO Architecture heading over to Singapore. This new 827-piece creation assembles all of the iconic buildings and landmarks with some nice part usage in order to mark one of the largest additions to the Skyline collection so far. This one enters for $59.99, and like all of the other new LEGO 2022 sets for January, is now available.


As for the Creator lineup in 2022, January is seeing the introduction of a few new LEGO kits. Not as expansive as other themes this month, there’s only three builds up for grabs to start the year. The LEGO Group definitely seem to be going for a quality, not quantity approach, with the 3,066-piece Boutique Hotel leading the way. As the latest modular building, this one arrives with plenty of details and a fitting $199.99 price point.

  • Majestic Tiger: $49.99 | 755 pieces
  • High-Speed Train: $19.99 | 284 pieces


The LEGO City theme always receives new updates year after year, and the January wave is delivering a handful of kits. While you’ll find a variety of more typical creations for around your brick-built town, I am much more intrigued by the new City Space sets. The Rocket Launch Center in particular is quite the eye-catching build at the $149.99 price point. It includes 1,010 pieces and fittingly for the name, assembles a launch center complete with SLS, command center, and seven spacy minifigures.

  • Lunar Research Base: $119.99 | 786 pieces
  • Hospital: $119.99 | 816 pieces
  • Fire Brigade: $99.99 | 766 pieces
  • Fire Station: $69.99 | 540 pieces
  • School Day: $69.99 | 433 pieces
  • Mobile Crane: $39.99 | 340 pieces
  • Beach Lifeguard Station: $39.99 | 211 pieces
  • Rescue Helicopter Transport: $29.99 | 215 pieces
  • Horse Transporter: $29.99 | 196 pieces
  • Picnic in the park: $19.99 | 147 pieces
  • Cement Mixer Truck: $19.99 | 85 pieces
  • Stunt Plane: $9.99 | 59 pieces
  • Race Car: $9.99 | 46 pieces


As for the LEGO Technic lineup in January, the wave is receiving one of the largest kits of 2022 so far. Clocking in as the most expensive set amongst all of the new creations, the BMW M 1000 RR backs that milestone with 1,920 pieces and quite the eye-catching build. Our launch coverage takes a much deeper dive on what to expect from the authentic model, but expect this to be one of the more popular LEGO 2022 sets, even with a $229.99 price tag.

There’s also a collection of other new LEGO Technic sets for 2022, which are on the more affordable side by comparison. Here’s a breakdown of all five just-released kits.

  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT500: $49.99 | 544 pieces
  • Formula E Porsche 99X Electric: $49.99 | 422 pieces
  • Monster Jam El Toro Loco: $19.99 | 247 pieces
  • Monster Jam Megalodon: $19.99 | 260 pieces
  • Motorcycle: $12.99 | 163 pieces


On the gaming side of the LEGO Group’s 2022 January lineup, we’re getting a new batch of Minecraft sets. With six different creations across different price points, there’s a pretty nice selection of locals from the blocky game represented in the latest collection. Everything starts at $10, and you can check out all of them below.

  • The Training Grounds: $69.99 | 534 pieces
  • The Rabbit Ranch: $29.99 | 340 pieces
  • The Guardian Battle: $24.99 | 255 pieces
  • The Mushroom House: $19.99 | 272 pieces
  • The Fox Lodge: $19.99 | 193 pieces
  • The Creeper Ambush: $9.99 | 72 pieces

Collectible minifigures

January is also seeing the latest lineup of collectible minifigures. Series 22 is now available with 12 new characters ranging from figures plucked right out of high fantasy settings to sci-fi, city, and more. Each of the blind bags come with a fitting accessory and sell for $4.99.


While not everyone’s favorite theme, LEGO Ninjago is entering 2022 with quite the bang thanks to a whole new wave of kits. There’s honestly a lot to be excited about, but the Ninja Ultra Combo Mech itches the anime-loving part of me that we just don’t ever see from the LEGO Group. The $89.99 set channels some classic mecha inspiration in order to deliver a novel build that can split into various miniature robots thanks to the 1,104 used pieces.

Here’s a look at all of the other new LEGO Ninjago sets for 2022, as well:

  • Ninja Dojo Temple: $99.99 | 1,394 pieces
  • Lloyd’s Legendary Dragon: $69.99 | 747 pieces
  • Jay and Nya’s Race Car EVO: $49.99 | 536 pieces
  • Lloyd’s Race Car EVO: $29.99 | 279 pieces
  • Kai’s Fire Dragon EVO: $29.99 | 204 pieces
  • Jay’s Thunder Dragon EVO: $19.99 | 140 pieces
  • Zane’s Power Up Mech EVO: $9.99 | 95 pieces
  • Lloyd’s Ninja Mech: $9.99 | 57 pieces

Monkie Kid

And last but not least for all of the new LEGO sets for January 2022, we have a new lineup of Monkie Kid sets. As one of the LEGO Group’s more recent in-house themes, there are seven new creations in total with each one being more unique than the last. Even if you’re not attached to the theming, the builds speak for themselves this time around.

Though a personal favorite would be the lineup’s flagship creation, The City of Lanterns. This 2,187-piece build feels like it was designed to go perfectly with the Ninjago City collection and makes full use of its included bricks to pull off a detailed display. The $149.99 price tag is certainly on the larger side for a non-licensed build, but this will be at the top of my list for 2022.

Otherwise, here are the other six LEGO Monkie Kid sets debuting for January 2022.

  • Monkie Kid’s Galactic Explorer: $129.99 | 1,356 pieces
  • Nezha’s Fire Ring: $99.99 | 929 pieces
  • Evil Macaque’s Mech: $79.99 | 893 pieces
  • Chang’e Moon Cake Factory: $69.99 | 609 pieces
  • Mei’s Dragon Car: $49.99 | 456 pieces
  • Monkie Kid’s Staff Creations: $34.99 | 309 pieces

9to5Toys’ Take:

Just like that, we’re into yet another year of new LEGO sets to assemble. The start of 2022 is looking pretty notable all told, though I think the rest of the year is going to be assembling some even more impressive sets down the line. I’ll be picking up and subsequently reviewing all of the new LEGO Star Wars sets in the coming days, so stay tuned for some hands-on coverage for some added insight.

Which of the new LEGO Star Wars, Marvel, Technic, and other sets will you be buying? Let us know in the comments below.

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