Apex Legends Defiance launch trailer gives us a glimpse at Mad Maggie’s abilities

Announced earlier this week, Apex Legends Defiance is launching on February 8 with mad Maggie. We only really got a bit of backstory on why Mad Maggie was being sent to the Apex Games, but not a whole lot of information besides that. The Defiance launch trailer is finally here and it’s nearly three minutes long, filled with glimpses of Olympus, some peeks at what Mad Maggie’s abilities could be, and fun quips between the characters. Let’s take a closer look below.

Mad Maggie aims to shake up the Apex Games

The trailer starts out with Mad Maggie being dropped into the Apex Games and quickly being attacked by a trios team. While running away, Maggie throws what looks like a grenade, but it’s able to blow through the cover that the opposing team is hiding behind and damage then. This gives us our first peek as to what Mad Maggie’s abilities could entail for the Defiance season of Apex Legends.

Maggie then finds herself in a lair and seems to have some type of super run ability? It’s not quite clear there, but it goes from that scene to Olympus plummeting to the planet’s surface with items warping in and out. Olympus might never be the same after Mad Maggie is done.

We get another glimpse at Mad Maggie’s abilities when Fuse fires his ultimate at her and she then throws some type of drone or some other robotic item at him, which mows Fuse down and allows her to escape the ring of fire.

All of this is speculation of course, and the Apex team might have embellished the abilities for the sake of the video, but normally these launch trailers give some decent insight as to what we can expect for the new season.

Expanding a bit more on the three year celebration’s log-in awards, we now have more information on what to expect. This is the perfect time for those who don’t have a ton of Legends to bulk up their roster. Playing in week one, you’ll permanently unlock Octane as well as gain three thematic packs. Week two gives you Wattson with three more thematic packs, and week three adds Valkyrie to your ranks with three more thematic packs and a Legendary pack. Already have one (or all) of the Legends unlocked? You’ll still get the thematic and legendary packs made available during the event.

9to5Toys’ Take

This trailer made me even more excited for the upcoming Apex Legends Defiance season. I’m planning on spending some of my evenings next week brushing up on the game and getting back into the swing of things – that way, I’m ready to see what all Mad Maggie is about on launch day. Will you be diving into Olympus as the latest Apex Legend come February 8?

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