Apex Legends Stories June 18

EA just finished announcing new titles, updates, and more during its EA Play event. However, an announcement I was expecting to come at the end was actually the leader of the event: Apex Legends. Apex is one of my favorite games right now, and I play it more frequently than any other title in my library. Starting June 23rd, Apex will be getting an all-new takeover event where Crypto reigns supreme. But, that’s not all that was announced at EA Play for Apex Legends, as the game will be gaining cross-play later this year along with a Steam and Switch port, so keep reading to find out more.

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Apex Legends Stories May 28

After announcing an impressive library of SNK games earlier this month, Twitch Prime is ready to unveil June’s free Apex Legends loot and much more. Twitch Prime has been steadily offering up its members (free to join for Amazon Prime members) a string of free PC games, in-game loot/DLC, and much more. It is focusing on the next batch of freebie titles as well as the first SNK games drop, and a series of free in-game loot boxes for tiles like Apex Legends, DOOM Eternal, FIFA Ultimate Team, and much more. Head below for all the details. expand full story

Apex Legends Stories May 11

We’ve been seeing teasers for Apex Legends Season 5 for the past few weeks, but we’re finally getting our first real look at what Loba’s toolkit consists of. From her tactical to passive and even her ultimate, she’s poised to steal the show. But, that’s not all. We’ve got more details on quests, the weekly hunts, and more in Apex Legends Season 5.

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Apex Legends Stories April 30

Apex Legends is heading into its fifth season, introducing an all-new legend, quests (more on this in a moment), and a revamped battle pass with Ranked Season 4. Loba made her official appearance today, and we can’t wait to see what skills she packs in the arena. Apex Legends Season 5 starts May 12th, and here’s what we know so far…

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Apex Legends Stories April 24

Apex Legends is seeing a new twist on armor before Season 5 drops in a few weeks. On Tuesday, April 28, we’re going to see an all-new limited-time mode called Battle Armor introduced. This event will take place on World’s Edge and evolves over the 14-day period until Season 5 is released, offering a “new twist on armor every few days.” What all does this entail? Well, we’ll be getting an extra week of Season 4, as well as dropping into the game with a weapon already in our hand, but keep reading to find out more.

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Apex Legends Stories April 2

If you’ve played Apex Legends at all, then you know who Bloodhound is. For the uninitiated among us, Bloodhound is a unique Legend that can see and track enemy movements like no other Legend cam. His very advanced powers can be the difference between becoming Apex Champion and losing when used right. In the latest Apex Legends takeover event, Bloodhound’s Trials take center stage. But, we’re also seeing the return (and permanent addition) of duos, along with a few other fantastic updates to Apex Legends.

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