Overwatch League 2022 Grand Finals liveblog: Fuel, Shock, and Outlaws square off

Overwatch League Grand Finals

After an eventful day of action yesterday, Overwatch League is onto the final day of play with the 2022 Grand Finals. But before the latest champion can be crowned, we have the semifinals match between San Francisco Shock and the Houston Outlaws, the winner of which will be taking on the Dallas Fuel for all of the glory. 

Overwatch League 2022 Grand Finals take the stage

Now that Overwatch 2 has launched, the companion League is celebrating the end of its first season playing on the sequel title with the final two games of the 2022 action. If you haven’t caught up with yesterday’s games, we’ve been reporting on all of the gameplay from Anaheim that you can dive into in our recap of the playoffs.

As for today, the Overwatch League 2022 season will be culminating with two games starting at 5 P.M. PST. The Grand Finals is of course the main event, though beforehand we have the semifinals that wraps up the lower bracket gameplay over the past week. So while Dallas Fuel have already booked their ticket to the championship, it’ll be up to the first match to decide just who will be taking on the number one seed. You can tune in with the action live on YouTube, or just follow along as we live blog the matches.

San Francisco Shock versus Houston Outlaws: 3-0 [Final]

Kicking off the Grand Finals day, the Overwatch League will be taking to the stage in Anaheim with the San Francisco Shock playing against the Houston Outlaws. The two teams have quite the competitive past, and will be squaring off to see whether Colgue and the west coast squad can edge out a victory over Danteh and his midwestern cohort. 

Vying for a chance to win it all, both franchises have a lot to prove. Shock has entered into the Overwatch 2 era with a squad of nearly all rookies, who hope to make a name for themselves by bringing home the team’s third title to date. Outlaws on the other hand have found success all season as a team who can reliably dethrone even the best of the best. But without any major tournament wins under their belt, both teams will be hoping to get the edge and face Fuel in the final.

Now that Proper has taken home both the MVP and Rookie of the Year Award, it’ll be up to the Outlaws’ DPS MER1T to help set the pace for the series and taken down the Shock. All of the Watchpoint desk analysts are betting on San Francisco to head to the 2022 Grand Finals, so it’ll be up to the underdog to prove themselves on the LAN.

We’ll be starting off the games today on Control like always, with the Shock and Outlaws heading to Nepal! After two pretty dominate rounds, San Francisco has managed to lock in the first win of the day. Ending the Outlaw’s win streak on the map, it was practically just Proper against the world as the MVP really showed just what the title means.

Now onto King’s Row, as the Shock look to continue their lead with an aggressive start on the Hybrid map. Shock has set quite the notable time bank after completing the round with plenty of time to spare. Going to be a tough act for Houston to follow that up, but we’ll have to see if MER1T and co can rise to the occasion.

But things aren’t looking good! The Outlaws have just barely gotten the cart going after almost being full-held by the Shock. With a massive time bank difference, it really is an up hill battle. But with MER1T fighting back against Proper, this map is far from over. And with a C9 to end the map, the Shock take the series up 2-0.

Looking to close out the series, Shock and Outlaws will be heading to Route 66 as the third map of the day. Swapping Coluge in on tank, San Francisco is mixing up its mojo to head to the Overwatch League Grand Finals with the usual composition. Delivering their best defense of the day, Houston is holding strong to keep the Shock on their toes. Stopping short of a full map completion, the Outlaws have a clear win condition to keep the series alive.

Shock has officially locked in the trip to the Grand Finals 2022. Striker and Proper absolutely rose to the occasion to stop the Outlaws in their tracks, rising to deliver a true opponent to the Dallas Fuel. What a start to the day!

Dallas Fuel versus San Francisco Shock: 4-3 [Final]

As for what we’ve all be waiting for, the Grand Finals match will be kicking off later tonight at 7 P.M. PST. With the number one seed of Fuel facing off against the Shock following their bottom bracket sweep, we’ve seen both teams rise over the past week to deliver some of the most compelling gameplay yet. In what is going to be a best of seven match, the Watchpoint analysts are going with Dallas to win it all.

Both teams are starting off the Grand Finals series on Lijiang Tower, delivering the final Control match the Overwatch League 2022 season. The Fuel have taken the first stage, but Shock isn’t far behind, coming alive with some aggressive spawn-camping gameplay. As expected, Proper and Edison are setting the pace for their respective teams. An unfortunate C9 ties the map up, as we head into the final stage of Lijiang.

The fate of Control has now been decided, as Dallas has managed to strike first against the Shock. Now at 1-0, we’ll see what map San Francisco decides to pick next to tie up the series. But with King’s Row selected, we’ll be seeing whether Shock has what it takes to step up. Believe it or not, Proper is actually leading the lobby compared to Edison with more damage output and eliminations, though that doesn’t appear to be phasing the Fuel all too much.

Tying up the series, San Francisco has pulled off an incredible defense that was even bolder than the Fuel’s mighty offense. Shock has a reputation of being the Kings of King’s Row, and that continues into the season’s end. It’s Dallas’ map pick next, and we’ll be heading into the first Payload round of the series.

For the third match of Overwatch League 2022 Grand Finals, we’ll be headed to Dorado for the first time today. Mikeyy remains in for the Shock, while the Dallas Fuel have kept with a consistent team. Nearly completing the map, Dallas delivered a formidable defense to keep a win condition on the table. Edison may be the server’s most dominating player right now, but SP9RK1E has really stepped up to keep the Shock from a full completion.

Dallas, on the other hand, could not complete Dorado and now trail the series 1-2. The boys in blue will once again get to pick the map, as we head into the four match of the series. Marking one of the first times we get to see the map, we’re heading into Esperança! Finally getting some value off of their pick, the Dallas Fuel have locked in yet another win to tie up the series. It looks like we’re going the distance, with a 2-2 record sending us over to the Shock’s next pick.

Heading over to Oasis, it’s time to see if the Shock can actually win a Control map this series. One last attempt for the entire Overwatch League 2022 season, it’s now or never in this Grand Finals showdown. The curse has finally been broken for the final time this year. Coming alive, Proper has stepped up to an even more insane level of play has the series inches closer to crowning the next champion at 2-3.

Dallas strikes back! Taking to Dorado, the Fuel had the payload map on complete lockdown as the Shock struggled to get value from Proper, Mikeyy, or any of the other former O2 Blast players. Tying up the series at 3-3, we’re heading into the very first game seven in Overwatch League history.

In a heart-pounding conclusion, the Dallas Fuel have done it. Taking to Colosseo for the final time this season, a new Overwatch League champion has been crowned as Edison leads the Fuel to victory.

With the new Overwatch League Champions crowned, I’m signing out for the night. Thanks for tuning in and hanging out throughout the last two days of Grand Finals action.

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