LEGO Star Wars summer 2023 lineup set to release Yavin IV, buildable Chewbacca, more

We’re finally getting info on the upcoming LEGO Star Wars summer 2023 sets. As one of the year’s most highly-anticipated collections of kits, today 9to5Toys can report on what to expect from 10 different creations spread across plenty of different properties from a galaxy far, far away. Including a LEGO Yavin IV set as well as a massive buildable Chewbacca figure, the lineup also has the latest kits from The Mandalorian, upcoming shows like Ahsoka, and details on the $650 fall UCS set celebrating the anniversaries of Attack of the Clones or Return of the Jedi.

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Upcoming LEGO Star Wars summer 2023 sets

Last we checked in with the LEGO Star Wars summer 2023 lineup was right towards the end of last year as we broke down what to expect from eight upcoming sets. Back then there wasn’t all too much we could mention on the sets, with mostly set numbers being paired with some price points and part counts. Though today we’re getting a fairly comprehensive update on what to expect.

For starters, the wave is now going to consist of ten creations spread out between the true LEGO Star Wars summer sets that land on August 1, as well as some builds that won’t hit the scene until September. Before we go into more detail on each set, here’s the full lineup:

  • 75358 4+ Young Jedi Adventures: $39.99 | 124 pieces
  • 75659 Swamp Speeder: $24.99 | 106 pieces
  • 75362 Unknown Ahsoka Set: $69.99 | 699 pieces
  • 75363 Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter Microfighter: $14.99 | 88 pieces
  • 75364 Unknown Ahsoka Set: $99.99 | 1,056 pieces
  • 75365 Yavin IV Rebel Base $159.99 | 1,067 pieces
  • 75366 Advent Calendar: $44.99 | 320 pieces
  • 75367: Anniversay UCS Set: $649.99 | 5,374 pieces
  • 75368 Stormtrooper Mech: $14.99 | 139 pieces
  • 75369 Darth Vader Mech: $14.99 | 155 pieces
  • 75370 Boba Fett Mech: $14.99 | 138 pieces
  • 75371 Buildable Chewbacca: $199.99 | 2,320 pieces

There are also still some sets missing from the lineup, like kits 75660 and 75661.

LEGO mechs

LEGO Marvel Mechs, similar to the new Star Wars ones

First introduced as a Marvel sub theme, these buildable mechs have long been an affordable way to bring various minifigures to your collection. Now come this summer, the LEGO Group is bringing that same concept over to the Star Wars lineup. At launch, the company will be keeping it consistent with past releases from the MCU side of things by delivering three characters with three matching mecha. In this case, it’ll be some iconic Imperials, all of which enter at the $14.99 price point.

They will largely have the same refreshed designs as the new Marvel Mechs that launched back at the start of the year, with the lack of bendable knees and the more basic designs. Here’s a break down of the sets:

  • 75368 Darth Vader Mech: $14.99 | 139 pieces
  • 75369 Boba Fett Mech: $14.99 | 155 pieces
  • 75370 Stormtrooper Mech: $14.99 | 138 pieces


After seeing the January LEGO Star Wars wave come and go without the usual inclusion of a microfighter, it seems that the company has just delayed the annual release to the summer lineup. First getting its playscale version last spring, Mando’s latest ship is going to be getting a microfighter version with the upcoming N-1 Starfighter (75363).

This set will stack up to 88 pieces while delivering on an increased $14.99 price point. We normally see these scaled down builds at the $10 going rate, but now the LEGO Group is adjusting that to fit with the inclusion of both the Mandalorian and Grogu. It’ll be the very first time that the microfighters lineup has ever included two minifigs, even if the latter of the two is the much smaller babyfig for the galaxy’s most lovable bounty.


A prototype LEGO Yavin IV set

One of the biggest sets from the lineup will be finally assembling one of the kits that builders have been waiting for for years. Arriving as set number 75365, the Yavin IV Rebel Base will finally be getting the brick-built treatment as a $159.99 set. It’ll arrive with 1,067 pieces while justifying that higher-end price tag with at least 12 included minifigures. Those will include an assortment of rebel troopers, as well as Luke, Han, and Leia in their ceremonial garb from the end of A New Hope.

As for the build itself, it will be more in the playset style than a collectible kit. It’ll include a microfighter version of a Y-Wing to go in a hanger, which is joined the a tan exterior to pull off the more distinct look of the rebel base.

Ahsoka sets 

Ahsoka will be one of the latest stars to get the Disney+ treatment later this year, and so far we know that there will be two kits on the horizon from the series. Not all too much is known as of yet outside of set numbers, part count, and price tags, but that should be enough to hold over builders until later on in the year when new details emerge. Each of them will be launching a bit later than the usual LEGO Star Wars summer 2023 sets with a September 1 debut alongside the Advent Calendar.

  • 75362: $69.99 | 699 pieces
  • 75364: $99.99 | 1,056 pieces

LEGO planning to release a $200 Buildable Chewbacca…?

By far the weirdest leak that 9to5Toys can report today is that the largest set in the summer wave will stack up to a buildable version of Chewbacca. It’ll arrive as LEGO set number 75371 and delivers the popular Original Trilogy character with 2,320 pieces in tow as well as a fitting $199.99 price tag. But at this point, we’re not really sure what to expect otherwise.

Will this be like the Black Panther bust last year? Will it be an upscaled minifig as we’ve seen from other themes? Or maybe even like the buildable characters we typically see and more in tune with 2019’s Yoda and the usual droids released each year. There’s really no telling just how the LEGO Group will plan to use over 2,300 pieces to bring the character into brick-built form, but regardless, this will easily be one of the most questionable LEGO sets of all-time. At least up until we get a reveal that could prove my skepticism wrong.

LEGO returning with another $650 UCS Star Wars set

And last but not least, the 2023 LEGO Star Wars UCS set. It’s been a long time coming for the fall, but we now have some information to share on what the largest kit from a galaxy far, far away will look like. Much like the Ahsoka sets, 9to5Toys doesn’t have all that much info to share on the upcoming release, but we do have confirmation that this will be LEGO set number 75367 and will arrive with a $649.99 price tag. It’ll dwarf even the upcoming LEGO Yavin IV and buildable Chewbacca sets with 5,374 pieces, but at this point that’s really all we can confirm.

It’ll likely be a set celebrating one of the two Star Wars anniversaries that are taking place this year, with the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi being paired with the 20th anniversary of Attack of the Clones. In either case, there’s so much to look forward to.

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