BundleHunt Stories August 16

expiredBundleHunt Summer Mac App bundle starts at $5 with your choice of popular titles

BundleHunt has a new offer this morning with over 40 popular Mac Apps available from just $5. Here’s how it works, simply pay the initial $5 fee than you can add each listing at your leisure for an additional $1 each. Many of these apps sell for over $10 individually, so this is a great time to load up your Mac with popular titles. Each one becomes a permanent part of your library with the option of adding additional licenses. Hit this landing page for more details or head below for a few standout apps.

BundleHunt Stories May 9

BundleHunt is back with a new…well, bundle…of Mac apps starting at just $5. Once you’ve committed the minimum, you can add as many titles as you’d like for an additional $1 each. These apps will become a permanent part of your library, and you can add up to three licenses per. Some notable titles in this sale include PDF Expert, Clone X, CrossOver, Mosaic: Pro Edition, and more. Additional details below.

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BundleHunt Stories February 1

These great Mac bundles from BundleHunt always have some weird rules and this one is no exception. Here’s the rundown this time around:

  • You can pick 5 or more apps from a selection of 48 (including multiple licenses of 1 app) that start at $1/each.
  • Once 5+ are in your cart, add $5 to the total and check out via credit card or PayPal.

I ended up buying 10 apps for $33 which seems like a pretty hot deal to me for great apps I want. How’d you do?

9to5 Rewards! We’ll be giving away a $25 BundleHunt credit, which could be good for as many as 20 apps/licenses, to the best RT/Facebook share.  expand full story

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